Our 5 favourite cross-country ski resorts in Savoie and Haute-Savoie!

Where to go cross-country skiing in the pyrenees?

Do you want a change of scenery and to head off cross-country skiing in the Pyrenees? Check out our favourite 5 resorts to enjoy gliding to the heart of the forests. Let's hope the snow and sun turn up too!

Cross-country skiing

Cross-country ski resort - val d’azun

The largest cross-country ski resort in the hautes-pyrenees

Val d’Azun is an unspoilt natural area at the heart of the Gavarnie valley. The perfect place for great cross-country skiing runs. You will enjoy yourself as Val d’Azun has the largest cross-country skiing area in the Hautes-Pyrenees with no less than 90 km of slopes! Forest and open spaces await you.
And what's more, the typical small villages of Val d’Azun are full of charm, and you’ll have the chance to mix things up and try out biathlon with a laser rifle! Don't leave without having visited the other villages in the Gavarnie valley, in particular Cauterets and its famous “berlingot” confectionery.

cross-country skiing as a family

Cross-country ski resort - mijanès donezan

A family ski resort perfect for learning to cross-country ski together

Do you want to take your entire family to discover the joys of cross-country skiing? Mijanès Donezan is the perfect resort for you. With a cross-country skiing area of 15 km including 1 green slope, 2 blue slopes, 2 red slopes and 1 black slope, there's something for everyone. And if some family members don’t warm to cross-country skiing then snowshoe hikes, snake sledge or dog sledding should still make for an enjoyable stay in the heart of unspoilt nature!

Fir tree landscape

Font-romeu pyrenees 2000 cross-country ski resort

Labelled 3 nordics france

Enjoy 22 loops for all levels at the Font-Romeu Pyrenees 2000 resort. 7 green, 10 blue and 5 red slopes spread over La Calme and Les Estanyols will lead you to discover the plateaux and forests of this pretty corner of the Pyrenees. Whatever your preferred ski, classic or alternative, you will find something to enjoy. What's more, La Calme includes a discovery area so beginners of all ages can enjoy Nordic skiing.

No skating

Somport nordic resort

Dive into the heart of the pyrenees natural park

Do you dream of skiing in unspoilt nature? The Somport Nordic resort will transport you to the heart of an exceptional place. Located on the border between France and Spain, this cross-country ski resort is set apart by its wide variety of slopes: glades, plateaux or undergrowth. Indeed, it offers a white slope perfect for beginners, green, blue and red slopes as well as a black slope for experienced skiers to push themselves. Fans of cross-country or alternative skiing will find a slope to suit them amongst the resort’s 8 slopes covering 25 km.
You can throw yourself into the heart of the wilderness.

If you’ve skied in the Pyrenees and have a resort to recommend then don’t hesitate to tell us in the comments.
And if you try one of the cross-country resorts from this article then let us know your thoughts!

Our 5 favourite cross-country ski resorts in Savoie and Haute-Savoie!


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