Ski touring, an ideal activity for the whole family!

Cross country skiing, an ideal activity for the whole family!

Crosscountry skiing is a fun, accessible winter sport and an ideal way to get all the family moving; from tiny tots to grand-parents, whatever their age and sporting level, there's something for everyone. 
If you're still unsure, here are all the reasons why you should try out this winter sport with your family.

Nordic skiing is an easy way of enjoying precious family time as everyone can go at their own pace, at their own level: 
whether it's on classic ski crosscountry skiing trails, or skate skiing on groomed slopes etc. 
And everyone can easily meet up for a picnic, in the cross-country ski area, under the pine trees!

Ski touring, an ideal activity for the whole family!

1 - A multi-generational sport

From the age of 4, your little ones will be ready for family excursions.
They can be introduced to classic ski crosscountry skiing, done on trails, which uses a technique that resembles walking. So the movement is quite natural and easy to learn. They'll love the gliding sensation. 
Once they reach the age of 8 or 9, children are old enough to learn the skating technique, which is similar to 
freestyle skating. Skating is more athletic and requires greater coordination but children can pick it up quite quickly and then set off along their parents' trails.  Crosscountry skiing is excellent for children!

They don't need to be really sporty to enjoy crosscountry skiing and they'll soon notice the benefits: building muscles, improving coordination (often a problem for adolescents) and concentration. 
Crosscountry skiing is a chance to experience the excitement of speed and sliding while enjoying the beauty of snow-covered landscapes.

Crosscountry skiing can be practised by all adults. Whatever your level or motive, nordic skiing offers something for everyone. Whether you want to recharge your batteries, take it easy, strengthen your muscles, improve your physical condition or enjoy a new challenge.

Crosscountry skiing is a complete and gentle sport. It works the entire body and improves coordination and balance. Ideal for granddad's tired joints and grandma's bad back! Ski touring-related accidents and injuries are rare. 
Grandparents, whatever their level, whether sporty or not, will enjoy the benefits of improved joint health and coordination and may even notice an improvement in their quality of sleep and mood.

Ski touring, an ideal activity for the whole family!

2 - Where everyone can go at their own pace

Within the same area, you can practise classic crosscountry skiing along trails, skate skiing on groomed snow or wander slightly off-piste, though staying close to the track so you don't get lost. 
There's something for everyone; you can ski at the same time, side by side without necessarily using the same technique.
Particularly since crosscountry skiing trails generally form a loop so you can ski at your own pace and meet up more easily.

Ski touring, an ideal activity for the whole family!

3 - Peaceful excursions 

A family crosscountry skiing excursion is serenity itself. Crosscountry skiing means an end to queuing at the chairlifts, squabbling over who's going to sit next to mum or dad on the 4-seater lift, or which one of you has to go and fetch the mitten that your youngest has inadvertently dropped :)

No more children dragging their feet, encumbered by bulky snow boots, helmets skew-whiff, dropping skis on the ground! The equipment is lighter and easier to use. Your children can easily function independently and carry their own equipment. It's a way of making them more responsible!

And when it comes to safety, you can rest easy: crosscountry skiing areas are safe and well marked; most of the time the trails are one-way so the risks of colliding with another skier are relatively low.
Crosscountry skiing is a low-impact activity and the risk of injury is small compared to downhill skiing so you can set off along the trails, with your family, with complete piece of mind.

Ski touring, an ideal activity for the whole family!

5. Perfect for magical family moments!

Treat yourself to some quiet time, a snowy break with your family, and recharge your batteries accompanied by the crunching sound of snow beneath your skis. 

Crosscountry skiing is a way of recharging your batteries but it's more than that; it's also a chance to enjoy bonding time with your family during an improvised snowball fight or a laughter-filled descent.

You can help promote a spirit of family solidarity with collaborative relay games, providing an introduction to the sport of biathlon. 

And, when it's time, you can all enjoy a picnic together under the pine trees.

Crosscountry skiing is a multi-generational sport, accessible to all and an ideal family activity. 
Everyone can explore the trails at their own pace, recharge their batteries and enjoy truly memorable moments, with both young and old.

Ski touring, an ideal activity for the whole family!


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