Are you looking for wide open spaces? Virgin slopes and freeride descents?
Check out splitboarding

advice on how to use a splitboard

You no longer need to wait for the ski lifts to open to ride as splitboarding extends the season and the enjoyment.

advice on how to use a splitboard

how to choose your splitboard and equipment?

While our predecessors in the 1980s and 90s came from skate or downhill skiing to discover carving, freestyle or freeride, the modern snowboarder has much more choice and enjoys the best of both worlds: the movement ability of a ski on the climb, and the ease and enjoyment of a snowboard on the descent. Today, backcountry snowboarding has finally come of age...

How to use your splitboard?

A splitboard is a snowboard that can be split vertically into 2 halves, and which can be used with climbing skins to ascend slopes.  

But how do you switch from "ascent" to "descent" mode? We’ll explain everything!

advice on how to use a splitboard


When splitboarding, slopes can sometimes be steep, and get hard and icy. To stop yourself slipping, you need to use special "crampons" on the most difficult ascents.

advice on how to use a splitboard

Safety off-piste

Skiing away from secured, marked runs requires knowledge of, and compliance with, certain safety regulations. Even the most seasoned skier can be surprised by an avalanche. How do you protect yourself, alert the rescue services and help? Check out our practical advice.

advice on splitboarding

snow trip in the aravis

"Why not cross the Aravis mountains on a splitboard, all in one go?" This was the crazy challenge set by Zoé, a snowboard enthusiast and Dreamscape ambassador. Are you ready to embark on a mountain-top adventure in the Haute-Savoie?