Safety off-piste

The delights of gliding over powder snow combined with the exceptional mountain landscapes give an impression of freedom that is really popular with thrill seekers. Nevertheless, you must not forget the basics: Safety off-piste. 

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The delights of gliding over powder snow

Freeride skiing has experienced a boom in recent years, thanks to the development of the equipment, with wider skis making the powder snow more easily accessible. The growing renown of international competitions like the Freeride World Tour, and films conveying incredible images of steep white landscapes and perfect lines, just a click away for everyone, have also greatly helped with this.
But Freeride, as much as it inspires dreams, remains a sport in which the joy can only come hand in hand with great care and safety measures suited to the winter mountain environment.

Wedze's Freeride skiing safety advice


Do you want to know the real secret mountain dwellers use to stay safe? Preparation.
Before each outing, they carefully study their route, get information, from other practitioners who have passed through on the days proceeding their outing, on the state of the route, the track, the snow, etc. They check the weather, view the avalanche risk assessment report (BRA in France), prepare their route and their equipment. They leave nothing to chance. And they follow this golden rule if the conditions are not optimal: abandon, do a U-turn or postpone the outing to another day.

To prepare like a pro, you can follow this preparation list:


Once you have set off on you freeride skiing outing, you must remain vigilant at all times. Preparation isn't enough and does not guarantee your safety. The mountain environment is full of surprises and behaves according to its own rules depending on a significant number of different factors: the weather the previous days, the weather on the day, repeated passes through or indeed the lack of people who have passed through, the development of the snow cover, etc.
All the same, there are some rules and tips which will allow you to stay as safe as possible:

Joy off-piste: safety above all

The mountain is an environment which can be learnt about by practising with seasoned mountain dwellers and professionals. The guides draw their experience from a long apprenticeship on the ground with mentors who have been guides for them in turn, a parent or a mountain dwelling friend. Our tip to be as safe as possible? Call on a mountain professional and learn from them again and again.

The essential safety equipment


A good mountain local who is not accompanied by a professional will have a few extra accessories on him, depending on the outing planned, the weather, the snow conditions, etc., like: a harness, a rope, a descender, snap hooks, an ice axe, crampons and possibly for the more seasoned ice screws. As such, he or his freeride companions, will be able to get out of numerous situations like an abseiling descent, a difficult passage with ropes, a climb on a very steep and icy slope, etc.

Now you know how to prepare as best as possible and where to learn the safety rules.
Are you ready to head off in search of your greatest freeride thrills?

Joy off-piste safety


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