How do you slide with seal skins?

Instead of using ski lifts, ski touring and splitboarding offer an alternative way of exploring the mountain.
The secret?The use of seal skins is essential for an easy ascent.

Read our step-by-step guide on how to slide properly with seal skins and mistakes to avoid to help reduce fatigue.

How do you slide with seal skins?

How does it work?

The tiny hairs on the skins help the skis stick to the snow when climbing, producing a smooth glide to aid your ascent.

Conversely, they make it impossible to slide backwards, creating a "breaking" effect. This back-stop effect provides you with sufficient support so you can propel your back leg forward, producing what is known as a" "sliding step.""

How do you slide with seal skins?
How do you slide with seal skins?

The sliding step,
a step-by-step guide

#1 stand upright using your pre-adjusted poles to help you balance.

#2 To move forward, glide your skis along the snow, one after the other but without lifting them! Bear in mind that you want to "drag your feet."This will encourage you to keep your toes in contact with the ground when you make your sliding step.

#3 Exaggerate the movement for the first few metres, taking generous sliding steps. Keep your feet close to each other, without taking large strides.

Keeping your skis running smoothly with each step will help minimise skin glopping (when snow accumulates on the skins, making the ski feel much heavier and tiring the skier more quickly.

TOP 3 errors to avoid!

Clumsiness, bad habits or lack of knowledge can make progress slow which means you will tire quickly.
Here are our TOP 3 mistakes to avoid and good habits to adopt.

How do you slide with seal skins?


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