How to tighten the buckles on ski boots

Do you know how to properly adjust your ski boots with the tightening system and the buckles?Too tight or not enough it's always the same question when putting on your boots.Here are our tips for obtaining optimum adjustment.

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Tightening your ski boots is an essential point when getting equipped to go on the ski slopes. Indeed, it is important to have the foot well supported inside the ski boot without compressing the calf.

To do this, here are the steps to follow when putting on and tightening ski boots. An order that will make it easier for you to close your ski boots and those famous buckles!

1. Open the ski boot to the maximum by pulling the tongue forward.

2. Pull your boot on by positioning your foot correctly and flat on the insole before placing the tongue against your shin.

3. Tighten the bottom buckles, those that maintain the instep in place.

4. Go round the calf with strap but without tightening it too much, just to keep the tongue in place.

5. Tighten the top buckles, those which tighten the boot against the calf and the tibia, but without compressing them.

6. Tighten completely the top strap

7. Test your boot by pressing firmly on to the front of the tibia to make sure that your heel does not come away from the boot inside, and that your calf is not too tight

8. You're ready to go!

How to tighten the buckles on ski boots

Now that you know how to properly tighten your ski boots, the slopes are waiting for you!

How to tighten the buckles on ski boots


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