How to put your skis on and off without any worries with Wed'ze

How do you put your skis on and off without any worries?

Once you're on the ski slopes comes the first step: how do I put on my skis? then obviously the next question will be... how do I take off my skis? To help you, here are some tips and advice for putting on and taking off your skis on the slopes!

how to put skis on

1/ Putting on skis

1. Choose a flat location, close to the piste or the chairlift / ski tht you are about to take.Getting around on skis when it's flat is neither practical nor quick: easier to do it on foot, skis on your shoulder!

2. Place your skis on the ground, parrallel to each other. Check that the bindings are fully open - the rear part must be lowered - and that they do not have any snow or ice on them.

3. Check under your boots: the soles must be clean, with no accumulation of snow or ice which would prevent the binding from closing on to the boot.

Use one of your ski poles to tap the soles of your boots to dislodge the snow.

4. Place the front of your boot fully into the binding, check that your heel is in the center, then press your heel sharply down on to the back part of the binding in order to raise the release pedal and wedge your boot in.Lift your foot up with your ski a few centimeters, shaking it lightly to check that the binding is properly engaged.

Renew the operation with the second foot!


2/ How to take skis off

1. Choose a flat and secure place to remove your skis. Avoid removing your skis in the middle of a piste, you could collide with other skiers who are coming down at full speed, even if it's on the flat!

2. Take one of your poles and press down firmly on to the rear binding to lower it and free your foot from the binding. If you are not comfortable with this method, you can squat down and do it by hand but some bindings are hard to lower with this last method. Repeat the operation with the second ski.


Things not to do

When taking off the first ski, avoid using the second ski still attached to your other foot to press down on the release setting. You could damage the ski base!

How to put your skis on and off without any worries with Wed'ze

You now know how to put on and take off your skis safely and very easily!

How to put on and take off skis


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