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How do you carry skis?

Carrying your skis can sometimes look like a Chinese puzzle!When they are not on our feet they quickly become bulky. Add to that the stiffness of ski boots and the snowy and slippery ground, reaching the ski lifts is often the first test of the day!Discover our tips on how to carry skis easily.

There are two ways to carry skis: on the shoulder, or with your hands:

1/ Carrying your skis on the shoulder, tip in front

It’s the most comfortable and easiest technique to carry your skis.

Upstream, make sure thatyour skis are well "linked" together thanks to the stop skis (the two small metal rods which protrude from the binding) so that they do not come loose when you carry them on your shoulder or slip forwards.

how to carry skis - wedze tips

Then just wedgethe front of the upper part of the binding against the back of your shoulder.

Once your skis are on your shoulder, grab the tips (front of the ski) and tilt them down to form a diagonal.This will keep your skis balanced and they won't move backwards. All's good! you're ready to hit the slopes!

The advantage of this carrying technique is that the weight is ideally distributed and is not felt as much, while keeping your balance on slippery ground.

Un Be careful, however, to be aware of your wingspan! A bad movement and the tip can easily hit a car window or another skier's nose if you are not careful!

BE CAREFUL! Make sure that the ski stops on the bottom ski are positioned at the rear. This will avoid them slipping!

how to carry skis

2/ Carrying your skis in your hands

Sometimes you find yourself in places where carrying skis on your shoulder becomes impossible, such as waiting in line at the ticket desk or getting out of a gondola.There is a very simple technique to carry your skis with one hand:

1. First of all make sureyour skis are well linked together thanks to the stop-skis" – they are the ones that will stop your skis from coming apart - and place your skis vertically, tip up.

2. Grasp the upper part of the ski bindings, making sure that its ski stopper is properly placed under the second ski stopper, so that your skis remain firmly attached.

3. Wrap around the skis with your arm to hold them vertically against you. There you are, you can sneak in with your skis in your hands wherever you want!

how to carry skis - wedze tips

4/ Carrying skis on a backpack

If you have a little walk before reaching the first ski lift or if you are going off-piste and you have an approach walk to reach the spot, be aware that many ski backpacks are equipped with '' a fixing system to place your skis in.Consisting of side straps, hanging your skis on to your backpack will take you barely a few minutes.

how to carry skis - wedze tips

3/ Carrying your and your children's skis

And when you ski with your family, let your children carry the poles so that you can free your second hand allowing you to carry a second pair of skis on your shoulder.

Did you know?

The systems for carrying skis on a backpack are different from those for carrying a snowboard, and not always compatible. Do not hesitate to ask a sales assistant for advice when purchasing your backpack!

With these two methods, you can now hit the slopes easily and in style!

How to carry skis


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