Christmas gifts for every budget

Christmas gifts for every budget

Looking for some good gift ideas for all your loved ones, without breaking the bank? Check out our ideas at every price point for treating your family and friends at Christmas time, without having to break the bank!

How to find a gift under €10

At Christmas, you will be hosting the whole family! And you are looking for a gift or a little treat for everyone, without breaking the bank. Or you want the perfect gift for the "secret Santa" at the office for a limited budget of €10. You are in the right place!

Christmas gifts for every budget
Christmas gifts for every budget

Patterned ski socks

This winter, warm the feet of your loved ones by giving them our socks with winter patterns. We rarely think of treating ourselves to some lovely socks and yet we are always happy to put them on. If they are nice and warm as well, what have you got to lose?
The grown-ups too will love our adult ski socks on the slopes as well as for chilling out at home.

Christmas gifts for every budget

The funny slide shovel sledge

Are you looking for a gift for children who love winter sports?
the shovel sledge will be perfect! Given its lightweight, eco-designed and portable properties, this is the ultimate affordable gift. It's also really fun.
What's more, if you give one to each of their siblings or cousins as well, they can be tied together to form a sledge snake for having a whole lot more fun. Honestly, you could even treat yourself to one because Santa deserves to have some fun too.

Christmas gifts for every budget

Hats, headbands and neck-warmers for every taste!

Do your friends like to keep warm and can never have enough hats, neck-warmers or headbands to keep their necks and ears protected from the cold? We have what you need!

Whether it is the hats with jacquard patterns for a great Christmas atmosphere and the ski holidays,
the cross-country ski headbands or the neck warmers for your friends who love winter sports, the hard part will be choosing.

Christmas gifts for every budget

The cutest baby clothes

What if some of your Christmas guests are babies? Give them something to protect them from the cold for their next holiday in the snow! By keeping them nice and warm, they are sure to have memories that they won't forget. With a collection of underwear, mittens and tights that are as cute as they are warm, babies will always be happy to wear them.

What gifts are there for a budget of up to €20 per person?

If you want to spoil your guests for Christmas without breaking the bank, our gift ideas from €10 to €20 will indulge your loved ones with the small luxuries of everyday life, which we rarely think of buying but we are always happy to receive!

Christmas gifts for every budget
Christmas gifts for every budget

Underwear that is as comfortable as it is pretty!

To be warm and dry during your winter sports activities, dressing properly is important whether you are young or old. The technical, lightweight and breathable underwear will be a welcome gift to any winter sports enthusiast.

You can offer them to the youngsters as well as the grown-ups!

Christmas gifts for every budget

A beautiful hat, gloves or mittens!

Looking for some gift ideas to complement the look of the skiers who are coming over for Christmas?

A pair of gloves and/or a hat with a pompom will be perfect to top off a stylish outfit. And if they are sensitive to the cold, they'll love receiving some warm accessories to keep them warm this winter, even when the temperatures go below zero.

And the added bonus is that some of our hats are made in France! Now that's a really nice gift for your loved ones that is still affordable and will support local industry.

Christmas gifts for every budget

The practical gift: the ski boot bag

Do you have any winter sports fans coming to see you this New Year's Eve? Give them a ski boot bag. This is a practical gift, that will prolong the lifetime of their boots because they will be properly stored and make them easier to transport on their way to their ski holiday.

This will make Christmas last all winter long!

Christmas gifts for every budget

For the little ones: snow boots or a harness for learning how to ski

The whole family is going skiing for Christmas and Santa Claus wants to make sure that even the little ones can enjoy the snow!
You can choose between the Skiwiz harness which is for introducing young skiers to skiing in complete safety, and a great pair of very warm après-skis if they prefer to sledge in the snow.

Either way, the children will have everything they need to enjoy the winter holidays.

Do you have enough to buy some gifts over €30

In your group of friends or your family, you offer a big gift to the person, whose name is drawn out of a hat, rather than a small gift to all the guests. As a result, the budget is bigger and you want to be sure that they will really like their gift. That's why we offer a selection from €30 to €280

Christmas gifts for every budget
Christmas gifts for every budget

The ski goggles, which are always popular!

A good pair of goggles is essential for every winter sports fan. Whether you are skiing, snowboarding or even sledging, protecting your eyes from the light and wind is always important.

So, if you have a skier or snowboarder who has lost, broken or forgotten theirs, don't hesitate to give them a pair!

Christmas gifts for every budget

How to treat a child with a budget of €30 or more?

You want to spoil your youngsters, but you also want to give them some good memories, because this will last for longer! You are in the right place.

The sledge, a fabulous gift for every age group

A sledge, the dream gift for a child (or an adult, even if they won't admit it), is suitable from the age of about 18 months! As long as you choose the right model: between 3 and 10 years old, you can offer the children's tray sledge model (€20), on which you can add a baby seat for a toddler (€15). So, for no more than €35, you have a great gift for children from 18 months to 10 years!

Christmas gifts for every budget

There are ski boots for the little ones too!

There are ski boots for the little ones too. As long as they are super easy to put on and they fit their feet perfectly! The €85 PUMZI footwear fits that description perfectly, right? It's an investment for several years, and young skiers will be proud to have their own equipment for the ski holidays.

Christmas gifts for every budget

What gifts are there for cross-country skiers?

All your friends took up cross-country skiing last year, but are still hesitant to invest in the necessary equipment? By offering them a nice pair of cross-country ski boots, you'll make your cross-country skiers really happy. They will love to make the most of their weekends or ski holidays to skate down the slopes.

€240 for a pair of ADULT XC S SKATE 900 BOOTS

What if your budget isn't big enough for a pair of cross-country ski boots but you want to spoil your skate or classic cross-country fan? A sleeveless jacket, that is windproof at the front and breathable at the back, will protect them from the cold going downhill and allow the perspiration to escape going uphill!

€30 sleeveless jacket for an inexpensive yet really useful gift.

Christmas gifts for every budget

What gifts are therefore for downhill skiers?

Every skier will love a pair of skis. The boost 580 ski, with its bindings, is great for making beautiful curves on groomed slopes and for having some really great times on the slopes!
€280 per pair of skis with bindings

Christmas gifts for every budget

A bag, to carry something to eat on the slopes while protecting your back!

Father Christmas doesn't always have the budget for a pair of cross-country skis or boots, but he still wants to give his loved ones a useful and great gift.

The FR100 defence backpack is perfect for free-riders and snowboarders, thanks to its large pocket for carrying emergency equipment (shovel and probe) and its integrated (and removable) back protector for protecting your adventurers. And of course, they will always find a small space to add a snack.

All for a very reasonable budget of €45!

If you want to add to the outfit of your friends or your children (or parents), a helmet with a visor, a pair of photochromic ski goggles or a back protector could well make Santa Claus the hero of the winter holidays.

Christmas gifts for every budget

The helmet with visor: the 2-in-1 gift!

The ski helmet is really a staple for everyone's safety on the slopes. So a helmet with a visor is a thoughtful and stylish gift! In short, a really stylish combo for a trendy Santa Claus, all the more so if the person receiving the gift wears glasses. Yes indeed, the big benefit of the visor is that you don't have to take your glasses off – enough to prompt those who cannot wear lenses to take up skiing.

back protector

It's not something that comes to mind easily: the back protection

For snowboarders and freestylers, back protection is an essential piece of equipment to avoid back problems. But it's not something that you often think about for yourself, and that's where Santa Claus comes in!

A gift that will help your teenagers, parents or friends, to age well. Honestly it is priceless, at just €50!

photochromic ski goggles

One pair of goggles to replace all the others!

The photochromic goggles are an investment for riders, but a definite space saving.

The vision protection adapts to the ambient UV light, so that you only need one pair of goggles that can replace all the others. If they're in a trendy colour as well, the person you give them to is sure to be delighted.

€70 to protect the eyes properly whatever the weather conditions!

ski underwear

Merino wool underwear for fans of outdoor sports in summer and winter.

Merino wool is undoubtedly the best material for every sporting discipline. It reduces odours which means that it can be worn for several days in a row without smelling bad.

Yet it is still a relatively rare, and therefore expensive, product that most athletes have not yet dared to try. Once again, Father Christmas is there to offer what we don't always dare to buy!

Take care, however, merino wool is rapidly becoming an essential material that sports users will soon be unable to do without...

gift card decathlon

Last resort: the gift card!

Finally, do you want to give something to your athlete but you don't know what they need exactly?

The Decathlon gift card is there for you. You choose the amount and they can find the sporting accessory they would never dare to ask for but which will be very useful for all their outings!

Whether you have €10, €30 or an almost unlimited budget, we have some gifts that will appeal to any sports fan, without you having to break the bank! So indulge yourself by making a gift, which will delight those who love snow and mountain sports in winter.

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