How to pair goggles and ski helmets

How do you pair goggles with a ski helmet?

Skiing goggles are essential for gliding! They protect your eyes from UV rays and the cold whatever the weather conditions. Pair it with a ski helmet and you're ready to hit the slopes comfortably and safely!

But not always easy to pair goggles with a ski helmet. There are many shapes and sizes that don't always go together and can make the whole thing uncomfortable.

Choose compatible goggles and helmet

To find the ideal goggles-helmet combo that will accompany you this winter on the slopes, the best way is to buy them together.And if you already have one or the other, take it with you to acquire the second. This will allow you to find the most suitable goggles / helmet.

In general, ski equipment manufacturers imagine ranges of helmets and goggles that are compatible in terms of shape and aesthetics.

Know that to benefit from optimum protection and comfort, the goggles must cover your face up to your eyebrows.

Did you know?

For those who wear reading glasses are not left out either, as it is now possible to superpose goggles on top of reading glasses, making sure tht they're not too tight.Find the OTG (Over the glasses) models, specially created for those who wear reading glasses.

Goggles are always wornover the top of the helmet for a betterhold and to avoid the elastic strap rubbing that could irritate the scalp.

First of all, adjust the elastic strap so that the goggles fit your face properly.You should not feel any pressure but the goggles should be in good contact with the top of your face to insulate you from the cold and stay in place during your day skiing.

Most helmets have a system on the back of them to hold the goggles in place when skiing. It is generally in the form of a notch on the shell that allows you to wedge the goggles elastic strap on and thus holds them in place.

Adjusting goggles on to your helmet properly

Once you have found the ideal combo, it is important to properly position the goggles on to the helmet.

pairing your goggles with your ski helmet with wed'ze tips

You are now ready to hit the slopes, your eyes well protected thanks to your goggles perfectly fitted on to your ski helmet!

How do you put goggles on with a ski helmet?


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