5 steps to packing your kid’s bag for a ski holiday!


5 steps to packing your kid’s bag for a ski holiday!

Is your ski holiday approaching and you want to take stock of the equipment needed for your kid?
That’s a good first step! With the right equipment, the whole family can enjoy their holiday in the snow.

1 - Choose the right clothes for a warm, dry ski holiday

Do you follow the 3-layer technique? This is the foundation for a great winter sports holiday! Whether your kid skis, sledges or snowboards, the base will be the same.

5 steps to packing your kid’s bag for a ski holiday!


Like the jacket, ski trousers are considered the final layer which protects your child from wind, rain or snow.
There are trousers with braces, trousers with padding on the bottom and knees (especially for little snowboarders), and trousers that include a size adjustment system along the legs, so you can use them for 2 years in a row!


In cold weather, the body sends less blood to the hands to concentrate on vital organs. For your children's hands, mittens are often warmer, but older children will prefer gloves, which are more practical and give their fingers more freedom of movement. You can combine them with under-gloves to keep hands extra-toasty.

For kids who want to try snowboarding, there are protective mittens, that protect wrists from falls and spills.

5 steps to packing your kid’s bag for a ski holiday!

Warm socks are a must-have!

To protect children's feet, the choice of socks will depend on how cold they are, but in any case make sure you choose socks designed specifically for skiing or the snow, because all the pairs of socks in the world cannot compare to a good pair of warm, comfortable ski socks! It is important that they are breathable so as not to trap moisture. Their boots and socks should be properly adjusted. Too big and they’ll let the cold in; too small and they’ll compress the foot and block circulation.

5 steps to packing your kid’s bag for a ski holiday!
5 steps to packing your kid’s bag for a ski holiday!

For evenings with the family

Think about taking clothing for the evening: comfortable pyjamas to slip on after your evening shower, or to dress up if you go to a restaurant.
One thing is sure: you and your kid will be happy to put on some comfortable clothes after a long day skiing and in the snow.

2- Safety is important in the mountains as well


Watch out for the sun! It's winter, and you're in the mountains, the days alternate between bright sunshine and grey days, yet every day, you must protect your child from UV rays. So remember to carry a tube of sun cream protection 50, suitable for children, along with the toothbrush!


The sun attacks the eyes of the youngest, (yours too but after adolescence, the crystalline usually filters more the UV). In children, however, it is not yet sufficiently effective.
But in the snow, even if the sky is overcast, the UV rays bounce back and are always present. So remember to take sunglasses or ski masks for the whole family. If you are travelling light, you can choose one over the other but each has its advantages: sunglasses are less bulky but not very suitable for skiing, masks cover well and protect the eyes effectively from wind and UV rays, but is less suitable for walking around the resort.

5 steps to packing your kid’s bag for a ski holiday!
5 steps to packing your kid’s bag for a ski holiday!


In terms of protection for both you and your children, helmets are becoming more and more recommended. It is even mandatory if you want to register your young skier for ski lessons!
The good news is that you can now rent one at the same time you rent your skis.

3- Choose the right equipment

If you travel by train or have a large family, renting will surely be the perfect solution for you! It also allows little ones to try out different activities, since you can choose to rent skis one day, a snowboard the next and a sledge the day after that.
That said, here's a list of all the gear you might need if you're going on a snow trip with your kids.

5 steps to packing your kid’s bag for a ski holiday!

FIRST TURN SKIS for the first time on the slopes

Do you know the right equipment for children who are already walking but are still a bit too small to go alone on a pair of skis? We offer skis that are to be used on flat or small slopes just to familiarize them with the feel of the skis on their feet. And if you want to teach them to ski safely, we've designed a harness that allows you to control their downhill speed and pull them up small climbs.

And of course, if you go with little ones who can't walk, remember to bring your baby carrier. This is perfect for keeping kids who aren't walking yet warm and let them enjoy being out in the snow.

4- Don’t forget about après-ski

After the ski lessons or afternoons of snowboarding, you will surely continue to enjoy the snow or take a short walk in the resort. And for that you will need to bring a pair of snow boots that are warm, waterproof and comfortable.
If your little ones wear helmets on the slopes (which we highly recommend), they may also want to trade them in for a knit cap. This will keep them warm and comfortable as they stroll through the village.

Also remember to bring an extra pair of gloves in case your little skiers get wet.

5 steps to packing your kid’s bag for a ski holiday!
5 steps to packing your kid’s bag for a ski holiday!

5- Bring entertainment for the evening

Late afternoons and evenings are likely to be short, at least the first few days, if your children are on the slopes all day. But once they get used to the mountain air, they may find it difficult to agree to going to bed right after dinner. Holidays are the perfect time to get out your games. With so many card games and board games, the options are numerous. They will also be very useful in case there is snowfall or a storm. And it's a chance to spend some fun time with the whole family.

Also consider taking a few toys, books, colouring books or drawing supplies if your child enjoys these activities.
And of course, don't hesitate to bring your kids' favourite films to watch together!

5 steps to packing your kid’s bag for a ski holiday!

Travelling with a baby?


6- Feel free to go to the pharmacy before you leave

Like every time you travel with children, take a small first aid kit to take care of any injuries that could occur during the stay. Do not hesitate to ask your pharmacist for advice in order to have the right products for each member of the family. Whether it's for headaches, stomach aches or bumps that may occur during ski lessons or sledding. Thermal pouches that can be used hot or cold are a first aid kit basic. And having plasters on hand in case of a small cut or scrape will also come in handy, with disinfectant of course.

Normally, you can leave with peace of mind and be prepared for all eventualities. And if you forget, remember that the resorts are full of shops where you should be able to find what you need!

5 steps to packing your kid’s bag for a ski holiday!


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