Why should you wear a ski helmet?

Why should you wear a ski helmet?

Are you wondering why you need to wear a ski helmet? Well, the figures speak for themselves: after the legs, the head is the part of the body most susceptible to injury during a winter sports accident.

Why should you wear a ski helmet?

Relevant to everyone

Sophie Claude, a doctor in the ski resort La Clusaz, sees the consequences of shocks to the head during skiing, snowboarding or even sledging accidents. Above all, she sees that all age groups are affected: "I remember this 82-year-old patient who skied alone and always without a helmet because he never fell ... The problem was ... he was hit by another skier. He was ok, but still required 48 hours of surveillance in hospital."

Sophie always wears a helmet when skiing:" Yes, I wear a helmet, for my safety, and above all to set an example for my own children, but also for all the adults who do not wear one …". She would like to see more ski professionals such as instructors or ski patrollers making an effort in this regard and also setting an example.

Why should you wear a ski helmet?

Wearing helmetsan action that must become a habit

Aurélien Laurent, never goes out without his helmet, whether on the slopes or outside the signed skiing area.

Ski patroller in La Clusaz ski resort for 8 years, skier for over 30 years, wearing a helmet is a natural gesture for him. 

"When you go out into the forest or off-piste, you tend to think of a helmet, but ski slopes are just as dangerous today.The slopes are better prepared, so people tend to go faster, without necessarily being able to control that speed ... Collisions between skiers and shocks during falls are all the stronger. And the risks of severe head trauma all the greater."

Good reasons for wearing a helmet

The first good reason to wear a ski helmet is therefore to protect your head in the case of an accident, because wearing a helmet has been proven to reduce the severity of injuries related to head impact.To try it is to adopt it!

"Before I never put on a helmet, I felt like it was going to bother me and then I was always careful so I told myself that I didn't need one.One day I saw a collision that made me invest in a ski helmet. One day I saw a collision that made me invest in a ski helmet" Mathieu, ski enthusiast and helmet wearer.

Indeed, warmth, comfort, style… are all other good reasons to wear one. Warmer than a beanie, there is one for every head, small or large, of all shapes, with different tightening systems so that they fit everyone. Some cover the ears and some don't, some have a visor, or a ventilation system, or even both. All of them have a clip system for ski goggles.

If you've ever worn a helmet and it bothered you, it probably wasn't the right one for you! An important criterion for choosing your ski helmet!

Mountain doctors and safety professionals are unanimous and all advise you to wear a helmet in order to protect yourself in the event of a fall and shocks to the head when skiing or snowboarding. Today, ski helmets are more comfortable and enhance your outfit on the ski slopes. So, whatever your reason for wearing a ski helmet, there is certainly no reason not to wear one!

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*source: site of the association of mountain doctors in winter sports accidentology http://www.mdem.org/france/DT1190189670/page/Les-chiffres.html

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