How to dress your kids properly for skiing?

How to dress your kids properly for skiing?

Like us, children must be well protected to make the most of ski days. We want them to be warm and dry, to be able to dress easily and move freely… And it's possible! Follow our guide on how to dress them well.

1/ Stay warm and dry...

When they have a good time, children sometimes forget to say that they are cold. To keep them warm and move freely, there is no need to multiply layers of clothing. Three layers are enough, by respecting a certain order:

  • how to dress children properly for skiing

    Layer n°1
    ski baselayers

    Worn next to the skin, ski baselayers will provide the child with warmth and comfort while giving them freedom of movement. This layer also helps to wick away perspiration to keep the body dry.

  • how to dress children properly for skiing

    Layer n°2 :
    the ski under-jacket

    A jumper or fleece, which will have an insulating role by keeping the warm air around the body.

  • how to dress children properly for skiing

    Layer n°3 :
    ski jackets and pants

    Protective, this last waterproof layer will protect the child from bad weather conditions.

Feet, hands and head are the parts of the body most exposed to the cold and bad weather, so it is important to protect them.

  • how to dress children properly for skiing

    The head

    The body always warms the head to protect the brain, so it is important to cover the head of our children to avoid heat loss.

    Wearing a helmet is obviously essentiall for the safety of your children, it also protects them from the cold! If they are still cold, you can provide an under-helmet balaclava, that absorbs perspiration.And when your little sportsmen are too warm, opt for a helmet with vents and a removable liner.

  • how to dress children properly for skiing


    In cold weather, the body sends less blood to the hands to concentrate on vital organs. For your children's hands mittens are often warmer, but the older ones prefer gloves that are more practical.You can wear glove liners to keep hands even warmer.

  • how to dress children properly for skiing


    To protect their feet, the choice of socks will depend on their chilliness, but in any case be sure to take socks especially designed for skiing, because all pairs of socks in the world are not worth a good pair of ski socks! It is important for them to be breathable so that they don't lock in humidity. Their boots and socks should be properly adjusted. Too big, they will let the cold pass, and too small they will compress the foot and block circulation.

2/ ... In breathable clothing...

To stay warm, your clothing needs to wick away persiration, otherwise humidity will accumulate and the cold will be felt ...When you know how much your little champions move, you can say that breathability is at least as important as providing warmth to stay warm.

A garment can be breathable thanks to two things:


Ski clothing is today all designed in technical fabric which have different functions of protection, breathability, wind, water impermeability... To ensure good moisture evacuation, choose a suitable garment, and remember to apply the 3-layers rule. These layers are designed to provide good breathability. Great, no?


The 3rd layers, supposed to protect from external conditions and therefore are waterproof, are generally equipped with ventilations to avoid the sauna effect.Under the arms for jackets, at the crotch for pants, even helmets and gogles have vents!The key is to know how to use them wisely: open during physical exercise, closed during more static moments, or in case of strong wind, snowstorms, rain...

3/ ... Protection against the elements

  • how to dress children properly for skiing

    1. Waterproof clothing...

    Our little skiers are not afraid to go out in all weather conditions, and jump in the snow from time to time… it is therefore important that the ski jacket and pants are waterproof, in order to protect them from bad weather and wind.

  • how to dress children properly for skiing

    2. ... And snowproof!

    And because they move around a lot, children often have snow that slips into their clothes. It is therefore better to chooseclothes equipped with a snowproof system. For pants, a salopette will protect their back, an integrated gaiter will stop snow entering. As for the jacket, you can make sure that the collar is high, that the bottom of the sleeves and the jacket are tight, or that it is equipped with a snow skirt.


Some outfits for little ones are equipped with zips to attach the bottom of the jacket to the pants and the end of the sleeves to the mittens! Guaranteed snowproof!

how to dress children properly for skiing

4/ Comfortable and practical!

  • 1. The clothes grow with your children

    Some pants are equipped with an adjustment system to adjust the length. No more walking on your pants when you take off the ski boots ... ditto for some jackets that are adjustable at the sleeves and at the hood. Your little one can grow and keep his/her equipment for the next season.

  • 2. Essential pockets and accessories

    In Wedze, the jackets are equipped with a ski pass pocket, the must of the practical little pocket so that you no longer have to take out the ski pass once you in front of the gate ... Between the jacket and the pants, you will find a small pocket for the cereal bar, the lip balm or the handkerchiefs. Some jackets even have a wipe for the goggles attached to an inside pocket.

how to dress children properly for skiing

5/ And how about the little ones?

And no, skiing and having fun in the snow is not just for adults ... You can learn to ski when the child has well-acquired how to walk, and what about the joys of sledging? So we also thought of you, parents of little guys who are already ski champions:

  • 1. For accessories

    Mittens that open over their entire length can be put on little hands in seconds, and even mittens where the thumb comes apart thanks to an elastic, gaiters that also open thanks to a scratch system, easily adjustable over the snow boot, beannies that attach under the chin or with very long ears to protect those little ones,

  • 2. For ski suits

    Ski suits with a full-length zipper that can be put on like a coat, jacket + pants outfit that turn into a super jumpsuit thanks to a zip connecting the jacket to the pants on the back ... And so much more practical for hot chocolate or toilet breaks!

Warm, dry, comfortable in their clothes, your children are ready to hit the slopes safely and in all weather conditions.Soon you will no longer be able to follow them ...

How to dress your kids properly for skiing?


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