Which ski boots do you choose when you have big calves?

Which ski boot for big calves?

Would you like to buy a pair of ski boots for next season? Different criteria have to be taken into account to find the ideal model that will offer you all the necessary comfort for a day on the slopes.And among them, the size of your calves. So which ski boots do you choose when you have big calves? We tell you all!

Which ski boots do you choose when you have big calves?

ski boots are the skier's main ally.Along with providing comfort byinsulating from the cold , they keep your feet and ankles secure

It is very important to choose a pair of boots that are suitable for the morphology of your calves. A boot that is too narrow for your calves may cause you a lot of discomfort. Worse, this could lead to blood circulation problems around the feet and lead to frostbite.

Did you know?

The problem of big calves ismore common for women skiers than for men skiers!In fact, the calf is lower on a women than for men, and the heels and ankles are narrower. The variations in volume inside the boot are greater on women's models than on those of men.

4 Movable buckles models

Choose models with 4 tightening bucklesthat will give you more precision in the adjustment of your boots.  

Make sure that the adjustment buckles are movable.This will allow you to adjust the amplitude of the upper part of your boot and find the ideal volume for your calves.

The different adjustments

Here are some tips for gaining some centimeters inside your ski boots:

* Ratchet adjustment : this is the part in which the adjustment buckle will fit to close the boot. Six adjustment notches are available for a variation of 3.5 cm around the calf.~* Micrometric adjustment: turn the adjustment buckle on itself to gain up to an additional 7 mm!~* Ratchet adjustment: if your boot has this option, do not hesitate to move the ratchet back to gain up to 2 cm.

Some women's models have an adjustable spoiler on the back of the shell to gain another few centimeters around the calf.

Wedze tips

Be careful with socks!Too thick, they compress the feet in the boots and cut the blood circulation, producing the opposite effect of the desired one: feeeling cold...

To avoid double layers and compression points, opt for mid-length technical baselayers.

Which ski boots do you choose when you have big calves?

You now know everything you need to know to find the most suitable ski boot model for your big calves! Have a great winter season!

Which ski boot for big calves


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