how do you choose ski boots when you have wide feet?

Which ski boot for wide feet?

Would you like to buy a pair of ski boots for next season? Different criteria have to be taken into account to find the ideal model that will offer you all the necessary comfort for a day on the slopes.And among them, the width of your feet. So which ski boots do you choose when you have wide feet? We tell you all!

Which ski boot for wide feet

It is very important to choose a pair of boots that are adapted to the morphology of your feet. A boot in which you will feel cramped risks putting you through an ordeal. This could cause tingling, irritation, or even blisters due to friction, which will distort your balance.

Be aware that a ski boot will not deform over time. The liner will crush a little with wear but the shell will remain as it was designed. When trying them on, your ski boots should be slightly tight, but you shouldn't feel any hard points!

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When trying them on, remember to take your ski socks with you to take into account their volume in the ski boot. If you have a wide foot, choose fine wool socks to save space.

2/ Use insoles

We don't always think about it immediately, but using insoles inside your ski boot when you have wide feet could be very beneficial! The foot will tend to press down under effort. You can start your day skiing feeling very comfortable in your boots, but end it with the unpleasant feeling of being cramped.

A preformed sole can avoid this crushing effect and will maintain the initial shape of your foot. Guaranteed comfort, even after a day on the slopes!

There are 3 types of insoles, that correspond to 3 different foot arch shapes:
*  Low foot arches (Low insoles)
* Standard foot arches (Mid insoles)
* High foot arches (High insoles)

If you do not know your type of arch, go to the store to have your foot measured by one of our advisers!

3/ Thermoformed liners

Have you tried everything but can't find the ideal ski boot for your feet? Then thermoforming is maybe THE solution.Some ski boots are equipped with a liner that can be heated to make it more malleable and shape it to your foot, ankle, calf. You may think this is crazy.And yet, by carrying out this operation, you will be able to modify the shape of your liner to adapt it to your foot better, create volume where you need it and relieve the compression points.And do you know what?We give you the recipe to thermoform your liners on your own!

how do you choose ski boots when you have wide feet?

You now know everything to know to find the most suitable ski boot model for your feet!

Which ski boot for wide feet


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