Top 5 best french ski resorts (still) open until spring

The winter season is over! Good news for those who are done with winter, the sun and heat are coming!! On the other hand, for those who find the end of winter to be like the end of the world (barely an exaggeration, there are some in the office), there is good news too as there is still a lot of snow high up and many ski resorts are still open... it’s time to enjoy them!

Chloé from Chamonix and a ski enthusiast is here to help you extend your winter and give you her TOP 5 of the best French ski resorts still ready to welcome you until spring.

Note: You won’t find any lack of objectivity in her ranking …. ;)


TOP 5 best French ski resorts (still) open until spring!

#1 The first (are far from my favourite), chamonix!

So you understand, Chamonix is “my” resort so inevitably how could I not mention it?

Chamonix valley has two ski areas with late closing:

1 - The famous Vallée Blanche, accessible from the Aiguille du Midi (3842 m) cable car, where you can enjoy snowfall worthy of the month of January accompanied by spring sunshine!

2 - With a peak up to 3,300 metres in altitude, the Grands Montets area will welcome you until 1st May. It offers you beautiful, long slopes with remarkable inclines and off piste still widely useable.

TOP 5 best French ski resorts (still) open until spring!

#2 Ski & soirées? : val thorens!

Do you want to alternate between quality skiing and sunny and lively breaks? Named as the highest resort in Europe, the Val Thorens resort knows how to satisfy all your wishes. Its renowned end of seasons called “Apotheosis Days” offer you a programme based on fun and good humour with concerts, sporting activities and fireworks!

Visit Val Thorens from 1st to 8th May to (fittingly) celebrate the end of winter.

TOP 5 best French ski resorts (still) open until spring!

#3 Skiing in the morning, beach in the afternoon: isola 2000 

Are you preparing to go down south to make the most of the sea and sun? Make a short detour via Isola 2000. Located in the Southern Alps, you can enjoy the slopes in the morning and the beach in the afternoon at this resort!

Two short hours on the road separate the snow from the sea... Unbelievable isn't it? Don't delay as Isola 2000 closes its doors this weekend!

Make the most of them without spoiling the enjoyment

Halfway through my rankings, just a reminder that the snow layer is extremely unstable and there is a risk of several avalanches this spring. So be careful and have a little look below for a reminder on good safety practice off piste:

TOP 5 best French ski resorts (still) open until spring!

Quantity and quality: les deux alpes

With its 89 slopes and its high up to 3,600 in altitude, the Deux Alpes glacier offers you quality skiing over 410 hectares until 28th April!

If you have time (and children) the resort also invites you celebrate the arrival of spring with the Junior Foliz festival from 15th to 19th April: shows, artistic workshops, exhibitions... and many other surprises!

TOP 5 best French ski resorts (still) open until spring!

Until 6th may, and beyond? … tignes!

In May, do what makes you happy ... go to Tignes!

You can ski (obviously), eat, move, relax, go out! With family, friends or as a couple… Tignes offers a tailor-made stay.

If you want to return there this summer, it's possible! The glacier opens its 20 km of slopes for you to ski from 23rd to 5th August.

So, have you made your choice? What are you end of season plans?


Chloé petitjean

wedze communication team, skiing and snowboarding enthusiast

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