Can you go to the mountains in winter and not ski?

You want to go to the mountains with your family or friends to get some fresh air but truth is that skiing is not really your cup of tea. At the same time, you don't really want to stay home.

Don't worry as on average half of the tourists at winter ski resorts don’t ski!

Can you go to the mountains in winter and not ski?

The resorts have put together a range of offerings so you can enjoy yourself with putting on skis. Don't wait any longer, there's something for everybody!

Nature lovers

You like a change of scenery and walking in the forest. It’s time to expand your horizons! Visiting the mountains in winter is the time to rediscover nature wearing its beautiful snowy coat.

Do you have a preferred hiking trail? It's completely possible that it has been converted into a snowshoe trail! Head off for a day or a few hours in trapper mode, put on your snowshoes and hit the trails. Forests, valleys, frozen lakes... explore nature's sleeping beauty. And if you're travelling with curious kids, have them look for animal tracks in the snow for fun!

If you're an experienced hiker, why not take your sledge up with you for an unforgettable run?

Sledging is one of the great delights of winters in the mountains! Find out about the most spectacular runs from the tourist office. Forest trails, sledge-only slopes, more and more skiing areas are developing exciting and fun offerings for non-skiers!

Can you go to the mountains in winter and not ski?
Can you go to the mountains in winter and not ski?

You can also try to drive a dog-drawn sledge. The mushers offer sledge runs where you head up your pack! If you prefer the connection with one dog then try cani-snowshoeing. You are attached to a dog that accompanies you on your hike.


Fancy trying the complete trapper experience? Treat yourself to a night in an igloo! A little snowshoe hike, dinner and evening around the fire are usually included on the night. Perfect for making invaluable memories.

In short, you can get some fresh air without having to put skis on!

Fans of big thrills

You like speed and big thrills, but skiing... not so much. You will discover new thrills on offer in the winter mountains.

Do you think that sledging is easy? or a kids’ game? Then you have never tried the Swiss slopes! More and more ski resorts offer adults-only slopes!

Helmet, mittens/gloves and goggles are mandatory, there's nothing to choose between these runs and red slopes in terms of elevation and you will pick up speed. They usually meander over several kilometres for maximum fun!

Some sledge slopes are more like bobsleigh runs, far from sledging for kids.

Can you go to the mountains in winter and not ski?

Are you a fan of downhill mountain biking?

Why not try mountain biking on snow? go up on the ski lifts or by bike if you have an electric model, then you can come down on the slopes (at certain times of day)!
Guaranteed adrenalin! And if you want to enjoy the fresh snow by bike then go for a fat bike. Its thick wheels are designed to grip on snow just like snow tyres on a car.

Finally, you will always find an ice rink in the resort or its surroundings, on some specially adapted frozen lakes. Speed or figure skating on ice, it's up to you!
You can still get a good dose of adrenaline without skiing!

Can you go to the mountains in winter and not ski?

Kit yourself out properly to enjoy yourself to the max!

Whatever your plans, you need to be well kitted out! If you're heading off for a day in the mountains, remember the 3-layer technique: a base layer to wick away perspiration, a second layer to retain heat and a third layer for full protection!


You need a helmet, some goggles and mittens for sledging. If you are going off piste then remember safety items required for an avalanche search: shovel, probe and avalanche transceiver.
For more information, please carefully read our article regarding off piste safety at . If you have the slightest doubt, call the ski resort and they will advise you of a route to follow.

Fans of shared moments

You will make special memories that will last a lifetime when you go skiing with friends, even if you don't ski! Mountain life, long evenings around the fire, etc. gather and unite families and friends.

Have you already tried fondue/sledge evenings? We say fondue but you can change the menu depending on your taste. You climb up to a lodge where you have dinner then you leave by sledge back to the car park! Head torches and helmets are highly recommended to be able to enjoy several kilometres downhill in complete safety. The climb that seemed long on the way there will feel very quick by sledge!

Can you go to the mountains in winter and not ski?

If you like hiking in the snow but not downhill skiing, why not organise a cross-country ski run? Easier to take in charge than skate skiing, all skiers - even beginners - can have fun. Nordic ski slopes are often beautiful loops in the heart of the forest so there is no danger of getting lost!

Can you go to the mountains in winter and not ski?
Can you go to the mountains in winter and not ski?


You may have rented a chalet if you are a big group. You can have snowball fights and snowmen competitions, build igloos or sledge runs in the garden!

Evenings in the mountains are often synonymous with regional dishes! Every valley has it specialities: raclette, croziflette, fondue or farcement. Warm, invigorating dishes that are perfect after a day in the snow. If you have a good chimney fire too then the evenings will continue full of laughter and anecdotes!

Can you go to the mountains in winter and not ski?

Fans of calm and serenity.

What could be more peaceful than the snowy mountains? OK, if you have a view of the slopes then it's not so relaxing. But imagine for a moment that you have reserved accommodation a little less central with a mountain or forest view, you could spend your day looking through the window couldn’t you?

Well OK, a day at most, but so what? Know that you're not alone and that ski resorts are doing everything to offer non-ski activities.

In recent years, the number of water parks in the mountains has increased. Some are just swimming pools with a mountain view, others offer sports sessions, sauna or hammam, perfect for relaxing.
You can also pamper yourself in the hotel beauty salons. Massages, treatments and tea rooms welcome you for valuable relaxation time.
Village resorts are very lively during ski season. Varied entertainment, races, musical evening, exhibitions, etc. you will be spoilt for choice!

A trip to the mountains in winter is a lot more than just skiing! The magic of the snow offers many opportunities to have fun or to take time for yourself.

Can you go to the mountains in winter and not ski?


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