The top 5 winter sports resorts by region in France

The top 5 winter sports resorts by region in france

Are you looking for a ski resort for your holidays? Wedze unveils its top 5 winter sports resorts with its favourite resort in each French region!

Whether it is for a weekend or a whole week, whether you live in the city or in the mountains, get a change of scenery! Whether you are going as a family, with friends or just as a couple, and you like alpine skiing or cross-country skiing, sledding or freeriding, you should find the resort for you from my list of favourites. I'm going to unveil my top 5 winter sports resorts with my favourite resort in each French region! 

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Luchon superbagnère, the perfect multi-activity resort in the pyrenees

Dreaming of a holiday without a car, and with the possibility of enjoying sunny days in the snow, and finishing each day with an evening at the spa?  Luchon Superbagnère will make you see ski holidays differently.

With its 32 kilometres of slopes, its highest plateau at an altitude of 2122 m and its high amount of sunshine hours, you'll love the Superbagnère ski area. But there is an additional sizeable benefit in that you can get to the village of Luchon in just 8 minutes by gondola! This means that, without a car, you can go to the cinema or take advantage of the thermal baths there.

Whether it is the snowshoeing and cross-country skiing routes, the snowpark or the toboggan run, the resort offers activities for the whole family. And for the rest days, you can go for a trip to the other side of the mountain, in Spain.   

The top 5 winter sports resorts

Val d'isère in the alps, the spot for winter sports experts

Do you ski well and dream of tackling the slopes that have hosted Olympic or World Cup events? Val d'Isère in the Tarentaise Valley is the resort for you! Very well known to ski enthusiasts, its reputation is well-deserved. Are you looking to escape from the pistes from time to time? It's possible: the resort has properly managed ski touring routes, as well as dog sledding routes and even a snow golf course.

And if you need to relax after a long day of ski touring, freeriding or snowshoeing, the aquatic centre is sure to please. Its recreational pools with massaging water jets and the wellness area with a sauna and steam room will quickly get you back on your feet.

As a high altitude resort, Val d'Isère is open from the end of November to the beginning of May and benefits from plenty of snow. And at an altitude of 1850 metres you will get your fill of pure air, snow and red blood cells so that, on your return to everyday life, you will be in great shape!

The top 5 winter sports resorts by region in France

Enjoy both alpine skiing and cross-country skiing at le lac blanc in the vosges

An area in the heart of the Vosges forests, which offers magnificent cross-country skiing routes and beautiful descents for downhill skiing enthusiasts!

Lovers of freestyle skiing or snowboarding will not feel left out with a freestyle area, reserved for intermediate and advanced riders, equipped with six modular tables. They can also compete on the boardercross track.

Lac Blanc is the resort that offers the best value for money in the Vosges (source: skiinfo) and is perfect for holidays where you don't want to spend too much.

If you are going skiing there during the month of December, you must not miss Colmar for a visit to its famous Christmas market.

There are many typical small Alsatian villages around the resort, which will delight you with their half-timbered houses!

The top 5 winter sports resorts by region in France

For families with young children, i recommend the resort of les rousses in the jura

With its separate areas for tobogganing, the ski schools, and leisure centres for children from 3 months or 3 years old, Les Rousses is perfect for young skiers.
Thanks to the Marmousets area, parents can also introduce their children to slalom, straight line skiing or the moguls. 90% of the slopes are blue, red or green, which makes it a perfect area for complete beginners, those who are getting back into skiing and young skiers in the process of learning.
Since 2020, the new Jura sur Léman area has been used to ski on a Franco-Swiss area between Nyon in Switzerland and the resort of Les Rousses!

Made up of four villages, the resort was the first in France to be awarded the green snowflake certification.

If the day is a whiteout, young (from the age of 3 years) and old can go to the Rouxy garden (the little fox and mascot of the resort) for some indoor activities. In short, whether you want to ski in peace or take advantage of your children's lessons to take a nap, at Les Rousses, you can relax with your family!

The top 5 winter sports resorts by region in France

How to choose your ski resort

To find the resort where you are going to spend the best holiday of your life or experience some dreamy descents, you need to ask yourself a few questions: What is my skiing ability and that of the friends or the children I am going with? What style of skiing do I want to do or discover? Am I looking for a sporty or a restful ski holiday? etc. Depending on your answers, you will choose a more or less large ski area, that is family friendly or offers cross-country skiing, freeriding, ski touring, sledding or dog sledding and ski joëring options. Spas or aquatic centres can also introduce a touch of relaxation and well-being to your stay, which will help you regain your strength before you go back home.


Recharge your batteries for two days in the massif central, at the croix de bauzon

If you are planning a weekend away, or rather in the snow, in the Massif Central, the resort of La Croix de Bauzon is the place to disconnect and recharge your batteries. 11 downhill ski slopes, toboggan runs, snowtubing, with friends, family or as a couple, there's something for everyone to enjoy in a magnificent forest of fir trees. This small ski area provides an immersion in the simple pleasures of the mountains without the crowds of the big resorts. Food lovers will travel to Montbéliard to buy some Morteau sausages and the history buffs will go to Mont Gerbier de Jonc, at the source of the Loire River!

I have shared with you what I consider to be the key criteria for choosing the best possible destination, however, it must naturally be adapted to your taste and your expectations! Have you found what you're looking for or do you have a suggestion to make in the comments? Feel free!

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