Skiing holidays with the little ones... is possible!

Going on a ski holiday with children

Have you planned to go on a skiing holiday with your children? Here are my tips to make sure everything goes well, even with the little ones!

Off we go, we're taking the kids skiing and have fun as a family. How to have a successful family holiday in the snow? Choose the right family ski resort, sign the little ones up to the ski club and organise activities that appeal to everyone. This trip will be the first of many for those who love the snow-capped mountains!

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1/ where to go skiing with the family?

From 12-18 months, you can go up to resorts on medium-sized mountains with a baby. Any younger and the altitude is difficult for little ones to withstand so it's not recommended to take them too high.

That said, many medium height mountain resorts focus on accommodating families with kids. Ski clubs, ski schools and nurseries are required to offer child care to parents while they ski. Of course, activities for the entire family are also offered to create shared memories.

If you're looking for a resort to visit with the family then Decathlon Experience is here for you:

Going on a ski holiday with children

2/ Which ski resorts are best for accommodating families?

Resorts are aware of the specific needs of families when they go skiing and have developed their own label to guarantee that they are adapted to accommodate skiers visiting the snow with their family. If you're heading to the mountains to one of these ski resorts then you’re sure to find suitable activities for all family members, as well as child care facilities for kids aged 18 months upwards.

How to make life easier for parents and guarantee great memories for everyone!

What games are there for kids aged 4 and up on a ski holiday?

We learn best when having fun, whether it’s skiing or something else! That's why ski lessons in resort schools are really focused on play. Kids’ nurseries and clubs are also organised in a fun way to encourage fun in learning. You will see the kindergarten club having fun ringing the bells as they go through the doors downhill. You can also suggest to your young skiers to do runs on the ski slopes. Either they follow you or you organise a ski circuit using small cones and without disturbing other skiers!

If they’re already at ease on skis, they can have fun taking on the bumps along the edges of the ski slopes. On the condition that they control their speed and to pay attention to other skiers.
Of course, if your kids have finished their day skiing, you can look for other activity ideas for them in the resort. Mountain goat hunt, sledge evening with torches, etc. The villages compete on imagination when it comes to keeping kids busy after skiing. The tourist information office can provide details of all organised activities and games for families. Your best allies in this adventure? The ski instructors and their ski lessons. Professional and passionate, they will quickly teach the basic gestures and the right attitude to have so that your children are calm and and at ease. It’s well known that kids take more notice of the instructors’ advice than their parents! You will be surprised by the progress made after one week of ski lessons...

Of course for quiet nights in, remember to bring board games!

Going on a ski holiday with children
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Don't forget on your equipment list: the ski helmet!

It's an essential! Wearing a helmet is now mandatory for kids on bikes and ski schools require the same for their students. As well as protecting them from impact if they fall, the helmet will provide them with warmth and greater comfort. It's even useful when sledging as some kids don't control their speed well leading to great risk of collision.

Also think about their eyes by putting ski goggles over the helmet.
With this combo the head and eyes will be protected so they can discover the joys of skiing and sliding on the snow with peace of mind!

And that’s it! You have all our tips for enjoying an amazing ski holiday! Your kids will keep these memories for life, especially if you take the time to take a few photos of your different activities.

Skiing holidays with the little ones... is possible!


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