How to dress your baby for winter and the snow?

Your little darling has just blown out their first candle? Congratulations! If you're planning on picking up where you left off by going skiing again, and are afraid of how the cold will affect your baby, don't worry - we've thought of everything.

snow clothes for babies


1/ The basic elements are the same whether your baby is walking, in a pushchair or in a carrier

• An ideal long-sleeved bodysuit. Some brands even have technical underclothing that is warmer than cotton.


• Afleece suit to be worn on top of a second layer. It is soft and warm. Children even like keeping it on when they are back home.

• A ski or sledge suit that is worn on top of the fleece suit when you hit the snow. This is warm, waterproof and light, so your baby will feel comfortable with it on.

Baby ski hat or balaclava

Baby ski mittens

Après-ski type snow boots (waterproof and warm)

What my baby should wear for winter sports and sledding

2/ Learn about the 3-layer technique

The layer of air that forms between your baby's skin and the lining is what keeps your child warm. That's why you should avoid clothing that is too tight, as it may prevent this layer of warm air from forming.

Layer 1 - Second skin
Layer 2 - layer of warm air
Layer 3 - Weather proofing

3/ Adapt to the child's physical activity

A - In a pushchair or sledge

If your child is being carried in a pushchair, do not hesitate to wrap them up in a blanket so that they don't get cold as a result of being inactive.

B - In a baby carrier

If your child is in a baby carrier or if they are exerting themselves in the snow, you can cool them down by taking their hat off. Make sure the carrier is properly adapted: it mustn't cut off blood flow. This can in particular happen with models that are rigid and position the child facing outwards. 

baby clothing 3


In northern countries it is common to see babies in prams in front of cafés or crèches. It is customary there to have the baby nap outside. That way they are out of the stuffy indoors and apparently sleep longer. As long as they are properly wrapped up, naturally.

Don't hesitate to do like the Scandinavian countries and go out with your baby, even when the weather is cold. They will get some fresh air and you will too!

Baby clothes for snow and winter

The wise woman's tip

Want to know if your baby is hot or cold?

Touch his or her neck! It is a place that is naturally protected from the cold, so you can gauge whether they are warm enough or not.

Conversely, the hands and forehead are exposed to the outside and are often cooler, which can give you the impression that your baby isn't sufficiently covered up!

Finally, as you would for yourself, remember not to cover up your child too much during the journey (by car or bus). It will be uncomfortable for them and they will feel colder when you arrive at the location of your activity.

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How to dress your baby for winter and the snow?


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