Our sharpening guide for your snowboard

Our sharpening guide for your snowboard

A well-sharpened snowboard ensures a good grip on the snow and control of trajectories. Find out how to sharpen your snow yourself!

Sharpening your snowboard is essential to enjoy your riding sessions in complete safety. 
This step is a basic maintenance step that will allow you to extend the life of your snowboard and to ride in good conditions.

Snowboard sharpening kit and tools

If the word "sharpening" sounds scary, don't worry, you can do it from home on your snowboard and skis. If you want to sharpen your board yourself, first build up your sharpening kit:

- an edge sharpener (including a file)
- an edge eraser
- a clean cloth

We'll explain the rest!

Our sharpening guide for your snowboard

Which sharpening angle to choose

For occasional use of your snowboard, mainly on the slopes, we advise you to set the sharpening angle to 89°. The more you reduce the angle, the faster you will enter the corners, requiring more leg strength.

Our sharpening guide for your snowboard

How to sharpen your snowboard edges

Edges are the metal rims that go around your snowboard. The backside edge allows you to turn with your board to the outside. The frontside edge, however, allows you to turn inwards. With repeated use, these two edges become dull, lose their grip and become less effective. To restore their grip, it is necessary to sharpen them, i.e. to sharpen them with a suitable file.

To find out if your snowboard edges need sharpening, there is a simple technique. Run a fingernail over it: if your nail is not scratched, the edges must be sharpened.

► Clean the edges and the sole with the cloth. The sole is the part underneath the board that is in contact with the snow.
Place the snowboard on its edge and secure it so that it does not move (ideally use a vice).
► Adjust the sharpening angle of the sharpener (from 90° to 85°).
First sharpen the side of the edge without pressing too hard with the file of the sharpener. The side part is located towards the edge of the snowboard, we talk about the edges.
Then sharpen the part of the edge under the board.
► Once you have finished sharpening, remove the threads (also called burrs) with the edge eraser. Run it along the entire length of the snowboard.
► Turn the board over and repeat the operation with the other edge.

The job is done! Be careful with your fingers when handling your board, sharpened edges can cut.

  • Our sharpening guide for your snowboard

    Clean and prepare your snowboard

  • Our sharpening guide for your snowboard

    adjust the sharpener and sharpen the side of the edge

  • Our sharpening guide for your snowboard

    sharpen the part of the edge located under the board

  • Our sharpening guide for your snowboard

    remove the threads with the edge eraser

When to sharpen and wax your snow or skis

We advise you to carry out general maintenance and sharpening of your snowboard or skis once or twice a season (at the beginning and at the end). It is then possible to resharpen the edges according to the frequency and intensity of use of your board. If you use it quite intensively and for long periods of time, two sharpenings will probably not be enough.

To find out if this is necessary, check the condition of your edges regularly, especially if you know you have been over rocks or branches. Do you notice any damage? Sharpen your edges again between sessions.

You can also entrust the task to professionals if you wish or if the damage is too extensive. The DECATHLON workshop technicians can wax and sharpen your snow and carry out all its maintenance. And this applies to skis, too!

👉 Have your snow/skis sharpened
👉 Have your snow/skis serviced

Our sharpening guide for your snowboard

Should I sharpen and wax a new snowboard?

► In principle, all snowboards are waxed and sharpened after production (this is the case for all DECATHLON models). Even several months after buying your snow, you don't need to sharpen or wax it if you haven't used it yet. Be sure to store your board in good conditions to preserve its condition. We recommend that you keep it in a dry place out of the sun.

What kind of maintenance should be done on a snowboard?

As with all sports equipment, regular maintenance of your snowboard will allow you to preserve it for as long as possible. To give yourself the best chance of continuing to ride your snowboard for several seasons, discover all our advice on how to maintain your snowboard (avoid leaving it in the sun for a long time, put it in a storage bag, etc.).

And that's it, you've mastered the steps to sharpen the edges of your board. One last piece of advice before you ride again: to prevent rusting, wipe them down after each session with a clean, dry cloth. Happy Gliding!

Our sharpening guide for your snowboard



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