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How to store your equipment properly at the end of the season?

After enjoying the season to the full, it's time to pack away your gear for next winter. But how do you make sure it’s like new when the snow returns? Here, we explain the right things to do!

1/ Preparing for winter, the secret of longevity

Just like your ski and snowboard outfit that you wash before putting it away, your equipment deserves a little attention before being stored away for several months.
A few minutes’ attention will ensure many years of great skiing!

Storing my equipment away properly at the end of the season - media
storing my equipment away properly at the end of the season - cleaning

1 - Cleaning

Before storing your equipment away, it’s important, first of all, to dry all parts of your skis or snowboard (edges, soles, bindings) using a soft cloth and possibly lightly grease the bindings.

Skiing in the spring snow - wax

2. End-of-season waxing

Next, to protect the sole against rust during those long months of storage, it’s a very good idea to bring your equipment to the Workshop of your Decathlon store for an end-of-season waxing: after standard maintenance of the equipment (cleaning, sanding, sharpening), we apply a thick layer of hot wax to deeply nourish the sole.

In our workshops:

ski boot liner

2/ Storing your boots properly: comfort guaranteed

- Air your boots by removing the liner that’s inside the plastic shells or your boots.

- Check the condition of your ski boot lugs, and if they’re cracked or damaged, we suggest you get them replaced at the Workshop.

- Fasten the hooks at the first notch to prevent the boots from becoming deformed and, if possible, store them in a boot bag.

If you can, store them in a dry place where the temperature will not drop below 10°C. The boot's plastic will thank you for it!

Dreamscape advice

The ideal storage place: somewhere warm and dry.

Ideally, where you store your equipment will be dry, to avoid any traces of rust appearing. 
So try to avoid the garage, garden shed or cellar ... If you can, choose a room inside the house. The best thing to do is store your equipment in a protective cover, vertically. (for skis, it’s best not to hook them together but put them next to each other).

storing your snowboard

For snowboarders

For snowboarders, it’s best to store your bindings and board separately. At the end of the season, loosen the bindings, carefully remove the screws and also clean the top of your board.

Then put your bindings on top of each other and close the straps. In this way, you won’t risk breaking them on your travels.

This will make it easier to transport your board and take up less space in your cupboards...

Storing your equipment away properly:

A pair of skis or snowboard that have been properly prepared at the end of the season will ensure the next one gets off to a good start. So feel free to ask the technicians at your Decathlon Workshop for advice, and they’ll make sure you enjoy the best ski season ever...

Storing your equipment away properly at the end of the season

Yves toquet

Decathlon Workshop Technician

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