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How to adjust your snowboard bindings?

It is very simple to adjust your snowboard bindings, you can do it easily at home checking 3 basic things: the angle of the board, position of your bindings according to your stance (distance between your bindings) and finally the angle of the bindings.

Adjusting your bindings on video


1/ Step 1: chose your forward foot 

There are two styles of riders in board sports, the "regulars", who ride with their left foot forwards and "goofies", who have their right foot forwards. 

If you don't know which way you ride your board, use the writing as a guide. The front of the board will be at the top when the board is vertical and the writing will be the right way up.

  • how to adjust your snowboard bindings - skateboard test

    Technique no. 1: the skateboard

    When you get on a skateboard, you naturally place your right foot forwards, it is likely that you will be goofy on a snowboard.

  • how to adjust your snowboard bindings - scooter test

    Technique no. 2: the scooter

    For the 2nd technique, we recommend you spend some quality time with your family and go to ride your scooter! Your front foot on your snowboard will be the same as on the scooter.

  • How to adjust your snowboard bindings?

    Technique no. 3: the chair

    If you get on to a chair (without holding on to something) you put your right leg up first, you are probably goofy.

    The same works with stairs, if you want to climb the stairs two-by-two and put your right leg forwards, you are goofy.

  • How to adjust your snowboard bindings?

    Technique no. 4: ask someone to push you (gently)

    Have you already been pushed by somebody unexpectedly?
    The foot you put forwards to catch yourself and regain balance will be your strongest and the one you will put forwards when snowboarding.

to adjust your snowboard bindings - board

2/ Step 2: place your bindings on the board

Now that you know in which way you will your board, you can place your bindings on your snowboard.

How to choose your stance (distance between the bindings)?

Like all other brands, Dreamscape boards have a recommended stance marker.

When you first use it, we recommend sticking to the "recommended stance". Then you can change your position depending on your sensations.

If you feel the need to widen your position, you can move your back foot back. If you want your feet closer together, start by moving the front binding back a little.

You can now do the adjusting!

snowboard binding angle

3/ Step 3: adjusting the angle of your snowboarding bindings


Perhaps you have experience, and in this case you know the angles that feel best for you on your board. If you don't know them, here is what we recommend, depending on your snowboarding level.

If you mainly ride on-piste, as well as "All Mountain" (on and off piste), we recommend that you adjust your bindings at: (-6, +18).  +18° for the front foot and -6° for the back foot. The position of the front foot is clearly at the same angle as the slope.

This position is recommended with a "directional" board. 

If you ride Freestyle or you are a beginner, you can set your bindings at a (-15, +15) angle. The position of the back foot will open to -15°, the front foot will close slightly to +15°, in "duck stance", meaning the same angle on both sides. This position will enable you to move more comfortably in both directions. Another advantage of this position is that it reduces the pressure on your knees on slopes and especially when landing jumps.


Start with the rear binding. We recommend that you place the arrow on your binding on the 0 (zero) on the disc.

Then place the binding on the board, the holes on the disc over the 4 holes on the "recommended stance", then move the binding back, towards the minus.

To do this, lift the binding to move it 2 clicks on the disc, each mark (click) corresponds to a 3 degree angle.

Then place the disc back on the binding and back over the holes on the "recommended stance".

Place the 2 screws in the holes in no particular position, enabling the binding to move backwards and forwards. This enables you to adjust the position of the binding lengthways and its angle, then adjust its position widthways.

Repeat with the front binding.

snowboard binding angle

Good to know

If you a Freestyle beginner, don't forget that it is best to have a "Twin tip" board", that can be ridden in both directions in the same way.  

4/ Step 4: centring your boot

Before completely screwing down your bindings, check that once your boots are in they are centred on your snowboard. It is important, so that your foot does not rub on the snow. (it could make you fall during tight turns, etc.)

How do do that?

Place your boot in the binding and find the position where your boot hangs over the same amount at the front and back.

Once you have found the ideal position, block your binding with one hand while you remove your boot with the other, then place a screw into one of the 5 pre-drilled holes and tighten it. Repeat with the last screw.

Screw it in by hand so that it is tight enough, but without forcing it, or you may damage the thread.

5/ Step 5: adjusting your snowboard straps

The last adjustment, but not the least: adjusting the binding straps to your boots.


The toe strap is well adjusted when the metal buckle (which is the rigid part of the binding), is on the side and there are 3 or 4 little clicks down when the strap is tight on the boot (in case you need to tighten your binding during the day). The rigid part must not be on the toes, on the top of the boot, or it may cause discomfort.

The angle strap is tight enough when it is centred on your boot.


To adjust your straps, unscrew the screw on the side of the strap on the part with the buckle.

Adjust the length of your strap to your boot by choosing the correct hole, then screw it back in tightly.

Dreamscape advice

Don't forget to check before and especially after your first outing that the screws on your bindings, especially when using new equipment, as well as during your first outing in the season.

Reminder, tighten by hand and not with an electric screwdriver.

Your snowboard bindings are correctly adjusted, the powder is ready for you!

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How to adjust your snowboard bindings

Philippe tiercin

DREAMSCAPE product manager and snowboarder.

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