ski mittens or gloves

Mittens or gloves?

Ski gloves and mittens are essential on the ski slopes to keep hands warm. Are you hesitating between gloves and mittens? Let's help you to see more clearly so that you can take the best choice for you!

Did you know?


In case of extreme cold, the body will give priority to irrigating the heart and the brain at the expense of the extremities like your feet and your hands; When you feel your fingers numb, wiggle them and make large circles with your arms to help the blood flow to your handS.


1/ Gloves

Their main asset: handleability!

With your fingers separated, your little gestures on the ski slopes will be simpler: opening your backpack to get out something to eat or taking your camera, carrying your skis to go to the ski lifts, putting on the strap of your ski pole …~Today the majority of ski gloves are waterproof and breathable.

However, they are not as warm as mittens as the fingers are not in contact with each other and thus create less heat.


2/ Mittens

Their main asset: warmth!

Indeed, your fingers are all grouped together and thus generate heat.~For children they are also easier to put on, especially since Wedze children's mittens are full of little tricks so that toddlers can put them on very easily with their parents or without.

Mittens however remain less precise than gloves of course.


2/ Lobsters: the compromise!

Their main asset: warmth and handleability! 

The index finger separated and the leather component allow you to keep your hands warm even in cold weather, while retaining excellent grip of the pole for extreme precision in your gestures.

Wedze's tip

Don't forget ski glove liners. They will provide you additional warmth while preserving the handleability of your ski gloves.There are also tactile glove liners so you can keep your hands warm when you answer the phone or take a photo with your smartphone.

For those who feel the cold more, you can slip hand warmers into your mittens, warmth guaranteed!

I'm sure you've understood... mittens or gloves, it is up to you to choose according to what you prefer and according to what is important to you.Precision and handleability for gloves and warmth for mittens.So, what are you going to choose?

Mittens or gloves


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