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How do you keep your hand warm when skiing?

Having cold hands can turn a wonderful day on the slopes into a nightmare. Although there is no miracle way to keep hands warm when out skiing, selecting the right equipment and adopting certain behaviours help greatly. Here are our tips.

1/ Gloves, mittens or lobsters: cover up when heading out

Gloves, mittens or lobsters? 
Your choice will be made according to what you like and your needs on the slopes.

  • don't get cold hands anymore - gloves

    The gloves:the precision

    With fingers separated, your smallest gestures on the ski slopes will be simpler : opening your backpack to eat something or taking your telephone out, carring your skis to go to the ski lifts, putting on the strap of your ski pole ...

  • Don't get cold hands anymore - Mittens

    The mittens:warmth

    Mittens arethe champions for keeping hands warm! Indeed fingers grouped together allow you to maintain warm air inside the mitten.

  • Don't get cold hands anymore - lobsters

    The lobsters: the good compromise

    Thanks to the separation of the index and the thumb but of the grouping of the other fingers, the lobsters are an excellent compromise between warmth and precision! 

The must for keeping hands nice and warm.

Think of liner gloves!!
They add 2 to 3 degrees of additional warmth to gloves, but also manage humidity by absorbing it to prevent hands from getting cold when resting (ski lift, meals, waiting on the slopes). Liner gloves dry more easily than a glove’s lining, so they are nice and dry when setting off again after a meal break. 

2/ Movement and action for good heat circulation

Skiing is quite an intensive sports activity which uses a large amount of energy. So, our first tip for keeping your hands warm: recharge your batteries before setting off for a full-day on the slopes, with agood night's sleep and a hearty breakfast..

Throughout the day, between descents and heading back up the mountain, you’ll be alternating between intensive and calmer periods.Effort brings warmth, as well as perspiration. It is therefore during the rest phases that you will have to be vigilant and think about moving your fingers,, don't take your gloves or mittens off, and be careful not to cut the blood circulation, by resting your hands on the bars of the chairlifts for example. 

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My tip

Some people, like me, will say that they follow these tips, but always end up having cold hands at some point during the day.

Hand warmers, that you slip into your gloves as soon as you feel the first effects of the cold, will be your best allies!But not before, because you might sweat unnecessarily.

3/ Dress properly when skiing: your best ally to fight against the cold

Did you know?

In cold weather, the body favors the proper functioning of vital organs such as the brain or the heart, by reducing the blood flow to the extremities.The sensations of cold manifest themselves first on the hands and feet.
To avoid your hands feeling cold, one of the best reflexes is to wear a helmet, which will bring you warmth and security.

To avoid having cold hands and feet, you must dress correctly and cover your head. Because if your outfit lets the cold through, the wind keeps humidity… you risk feeling cold, starting with your hands!Read our tips on how to dress well on the ski slopes.

I'm sure you understand that a good pair of gloves or mittens is not enough to keep your hands warm, you have to think global, including the head.Correct clothing with a good hat and correctly fitted gloves or mittens and nothing can get in your way on the slopes.

This is how, with the right equipment and a few reflexes to adopt, you can keep your hands warm and make the most of your day on the slopes.

How do you keep your hand warm when skiing?


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