How to select adult skiing gloves or mittens?

Having cold hands can ruin a great day on the slopes. To keep your hands warm when you’re on the slopes, it's important to choose the right gloves, so follow this guide!

There are 2 criteria for choosing a pair of adult ski gloves: dexterity and warmth.
Size is also important to take into account when choosing your gloves.
We tell you everything you need to know to keep your hands warm on the slopes.

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Dexterity, heat or both?

  • Wedze Gloves


    Dexterity and multipurpose for snow.

    The separated fingers make small movements easier on the slopes: opening your backpack, carrying your skis, holding your poles. To maintain a good level of warmth with your gloves, we recommend that you add inner gloves underneath.

  • Wed'ze mittens


    Warmth and comfort.

    Your fingers are all grouped together for maximum heat. With mittens you won't find the same level of dexterity as with gloves. Again, warm inner gloves can be used to handle objects once the mittens are removed.

  • Wedze Lobsters


    Warmth and dexterity.

    An independent thumb and index finger let you to gain dexterity while providing the warmth of the mittens.

Tip: whether gloves, mittens or lobsters, all our products are equipped with an elastic cord that goes around the wrist so you can remove your gloves on the ski lifts without losing them, and a wrist strap to put them back on quickly and efficiently.

For even more warmth:

Each glove model meets a specific need for warmth according to your sport, your heat regulation or the weather! You can find these indications directly on the signs in shop or on the product description on

How to read this information?

  • gloves or mittens for intermediate weather

    Intermediate warmth

    Ideal for fine weather and/or spring skiing (temperatures above 10°C).

  • ski gloves or mittens for all weather

    For all weather

    Ideal for all weathers. This is the level of heat that gives the optimum ratio of dexterity/warmth.

  • ski gloves or mittens for cold weather

    Extreme cold

    Ideal for hands which are sensitive to the cold and very cold temperatures.

Mittens have the added advantage of keeping fingers together and therefore retain more heat.


Finally, size is important when selecting ski gloves. The pair you choose should not compress your fingers, which cuts off circulation and makes them feel colder. When you try them on, leave 1 cm at the end of each finger when your hand is outstretched.

The optimal size allows a thin layer of air to slip between your hand and the glove lining for optimal breathability and to wick away perspiration and maintains warmth.

Please note that some glove models adjust to the wrist size with a Velcro fastener, so they are not too tight yet do not let the cold in.

As the size references are different for some of our gloves, we advise you to refer to "Which size to choose" on the product sheet of your favourite pair!

Tip: If you are used to wearing silk gloves underneath your ski gloves, make sure you wear these inner gloves when you try on your gloves!

How to measure your glove size?

  • STEP 1: use a tape measure to measure the perimeter of your palm

    Step 1: measure around your palm

    To start, take a tape measure.

    The tape measure should pass over the knuckles of the back of your hand. Your hand is flat, not curved, your fingers are slightly apart, and the tape measure is not tight around the palm.

  • step 2: measure the length of your hand

    Step 2: measure the length of your hand

    To measure the length of your hand:

    - Take a sheet of paper, a small notebook, a pencil and a tape measure.
    - Stand up, put the notebook at the bottom of the sheet of paper, and make a mark at the top of the notebook.
    - Then press your wrist against the notebook, with your hand flat on the paper.
    - Move the notebook to the end of the middle finger, and draw another line.

    Finally, remove your hand from the sheet, and measure the distance between the 2 lines to get the total length measurement of the hand.

Waterproof or water repellent?

Not sure if you need waterproofing or water repellency? We have chosen for you!



    To make your choice easier and to improve your skiing experience, we have decided to add a water-repellent treatment to all our WEDZE gloves and mittens. This treatment means that the fabric does not absorb water, and instead it slides off the surface. In this way, the textile doesn’t soak up water and stays lightweight and warm.

  • waterproof


    Our entire range is also designed with a waterproof membrane, which acts as a barrier against water and makes the glove waterproof (* except the Warmfit glove).



Product manager, gloves and mittens

My little tip: If you take off your gloves when you stop for a while on the ski slopes (such as when eating), remember to store them against your chest, inside your jacket, to keep them warm so you’re not cold when you leave.

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