how to progress in skiing, tips and tricks wedze

How to progress in skiing

Would you like to progress in skiing? To gain confidence and push your limits to discover new sensations!    We give you different techniques on how to progress in skiing!

1/ Have the adapted equipment

To progress in skiing, it is very important to have equipment adapted to your level and your body type... 
This is the basis: you have to feel good in your boots and at ease on your skis! Otherwise you will focus more on what is wrong: painful feet, feeling of instability on the skis when picking up speed…
Do not hesitate to ask a salesperson for advice when buying or renting ski equipment, they will be able to advise you. Above all, do not overestimate yourself by giving a level that is not yours, you may end up with skis that are too difficult for you to turn with.

It is also essential that your bindings are well-adjusted to your boots, your level and your body type.Again, do not take off a few pounds when giving your weight when adjusting ski bindings and be as fair as possible concerning your level. This information is very important for your security.

Lastly don't forget to look after your equipment. Over time skis wear and it is important to wax and sharpen them to preserve the grip and glide of your skis. You will also keep them much longer!

how to progress in skiing, tips and tricks wedze

2/ Take lessons with a ski instructor

To progress in skiing, you can't expect miracles! It is a demanding and very technical sport so to learn or re-learn the basics, we advise you to take ski lessons with a state-certified ski instructor.

You will find several ski schools in all the resorts: The ESF (French ski school), The ESI (international ski school), and others a little less known to book your lessons.

Depending on your desire to progress, you can opt for a half-day, day or even weekly course! A professional look at the way you ski will allow you to correct small imperfections and give you tips to improve.

Remember to book in advance if you are leaving during a period of strong influence (school holidays, weekends in the height of the season, etc.). Classes can be quickly full!

There is no age to progress so get started!

3/ Film yourself

In addition to making great holiday memories, filming yourself on the ski slopes can help you progress.
Indeed, seeing yourself skiing will make you aware of your position. In fact, professional skiers work a lot on their images of races or training.

4/ Take the ski school tests

This will allow you to assess your progress from one season to another season.
Accessible to all, just contact the ski school office in the ski resort to register for these lessons (giant or slalom as you wish)

If you are already taking lessons with a certified instructor, he/she will take care of your registration if you wish to receive a medal!

There is no age to progress in alpine skiing, it is a long term job that requires diligence. But above all, do not forget to enjoy and have fun! And you, what are your tips for progressing? Share them with us in the comments box.

How to progress


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