Never without my helmet

Never without my helmet

Always think of a helmet, but not only on the snowy slopes.

Scooter, cycling, skiing, rollerblading, climbing, canyoning, horse riding ... More or less popular depending on the discipline, the helmet is now part of the sportsperson’s outfit.

Never without my helmet

Protection against shocks

All helmets designed by Decathlon have the same qualities of energy absorption in the event of an impact. “All our helmets are certified with the same requirements, whatever their price,” emphasizes Thomas, innovation manager at DHEC (Decathlon Helmet Engineering Center). Manufacturing processes and materials are common. Design evolves from sport to sport to meet the needs of uses, functions, codes and accident risks. “For a ski helmet, for example, we prefer a larger coverage area in connection with accident data,” explains Thomas.

Never without my helmet

Positioning on the head

To play its protective role, the helmet must be perfectly supported on the head without any feeling of compression. The choice of size is essential.Some models offer an adjustment system to precisely adjust the helmet around the head's circumference

A priority subject for DHEC teams this year. “We have developed a universal size suitable for European and Asian customers with very different body shapes,” explains Katerina, R&D engineer at Decathlon SportsLab.With a double objective:provide comfort and security to the users.

Never without my helmet

Comfort when active

“A helmet is only safe when worn,” says Thomas. This is the reason why design and comfort are major areas of work for design teams.

Most helmets have air vents, more or less wide, to provide air circulation and moisture evacuation. The weight optimizes comfort over time.

A helmet also plays a protective role against weather conditions: wind, rain, snow, cold ... It is an ally for the safety of athletes but also their comfort!

Never without my helmet

Why is it so important to wear a helmet?

“The helmet significantly reduces the risk of head trauma. The head is very vulnerable for sportsmen/women. The national study by the Mavie Observatory * of which we are partners showed, for example, in the first half of 2016, that the head was affected in more than 60% of cycling accidents.However, one should not be free from basic safety rules because wearing a helmet can also provide a feeling of invulnerability "

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