How to protect children from the cold?

How to protect children from the cold?


You will have noticed that outside, the temperatures are freezing! 🥶

Protecting little ones from the cold can be a real pain for parents: How to keep them warn without hindering them while letting them take off some clothing layers if they are running or start to get too hot?
We share tips with you from parents on the Wedze team on kitting out little ones when weather conditions get cold!

How to protect children from the cold?

Discover how to dress kids well for school and winter outings with the 3 layer rule

If you're an advanced mountaineer (skier, trekker or hiker), you will certainly already know the 3 layers. However, you may never have thought of applying it to your kids. If you don't know this system, we’ll explain it now!

How to protect children from the cold?
  • 1St layer

    The base layer 
    Worn against the skin, the base layer provides warmth and comfort to the child, while enabling freedom of movement. It wicks away moisture released by the baby’s body and this avoids them getting wet if they are too hot.

  • Second layer

    Generally a fleece              
    This intermediate layer creates and conserves a layer of warm dry air around the kid’s body. You can choose a warmer or cooler fleece depending on the cold temperature. Those with long fibres are more insulating than others.

  • Third layer (but it can also be a 4th depending on the cold)

    Waterproof jacket and trousers
       The final layer protects the previous layers from bad weather or snow. That's why it must be waterproof. If the fleece or t-shirt are damp then they are a lot less effective at providing heat.

How to dress a kid for the winter?

How does the ski suit fit into the 3 layer system?

If your kid or baby has a ski suit, should they wear a jacket over it or a sweater underneath?
The answer is no. Let me explain: if your kid has their thermal base layers then the suit acts as the 2nd and 3rd layers. It is fleece-lined and contains wadding which creates a layer of warmth around your kid’s body, and it’s waterproof to keep them dry.

If your kid has ski salopettes, they will need an extra layer on the upper body under their ski or padded jacket, ideally a fleece.

How to protect children from the cold?
How to protect children from the cold?

Protect their extremities to conserve heat in extreme cold

The 3 layer system will protect a large part of the body however in extreme cold the blood drains from the extremities to prioritise good circulation around the heart. Therefore, you must make the right choice to keep them warm.

OK, so what are we talking about? Hands should be protected with mittens or gloves, especially if you have planned a sledge run or snowball fight. For the more skittish, we often recommend mittens as the fingers stay warm together. The head should be covered with a hat, your kid can also regulate their temperature a little by taking it off if they get too hot. Finally, think about their feet! With the right choice of socks and waterproof warm after-ski boots they won't be afraid of the cold.

How to protect children from the cold?


Her mission: making sure little children are protected from the cold!


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