What to do if my kid doesn’t like skiing?

You're on holiday in the snow with your kids, however the ski lessons you planned to give them aren't going to plan... Despite this, here are some tips for having a good skiing holiday.

How to get children to like skiing


You've arrived at the resort with the family, picked up everyone’s equipment and you’re eager to get out on the slopes. However, once you’re on the snow with your skis on, things don't go completely to plan and within 5 minutes your kid already wants to go back. Had you imagined teaching them to ski and sharing this sport that you enjoy so much with them? ... It wasn't to be. So let’s be clear: there’s no point in insisting except if you want your little one to be put off skiing once and for all.

Be assured that this is a common experience for parents of young skiers: your kid wants to learn to ski but they also want to do something else (snowball fight, snack indoors, etc.). As they are with you, they try to negotiate. Unless you are a ski instructor yourself, there's a strong chance that you don't have the required resources to teach them to ski.

Your answer? Suggest a tour of the snow garden then slip away until the lesson is finished. If you stay then your kid may try to negotiate further. Worst case is that they will spend 30 minutes moaning. However, I bet that it will go well once you have disappeared from their field of vision. All instructors will tell you: it all goes well once the parents have left.

If your kid is already too old for ski kindergarten, they could take group lessons with an instructor and try out exercises that will help them learn while having fun.

What to do if my kid has learned to ski but doesn't like it?

You’ve taken your kid skiing a few times but they still don’t like downhill skiing. You’ve tried to make them take lessons, you’ve left them to manage on their own on the slopes but their heart just isn’t in it. The good news is that resorts organise more and more side activities to skiing for young and old non-skiers that travel with their family to resorts every year. By talking to your kid, you can try to understand what they don't like about skiing.

Do they fear the cold? Resorts now often have aquatic complexes more extensive than a municipal pool, but a pool is good enough!
Depending on your kid’s age, they can also sign up for a club that offers a range of activities for young ones throughout the week. That means you can ski with peace of mind.

Testimonial from Mickaël, ski product manager, when his kids get frustrated on the slopes

"Children getting angry is actually quite common, just look at the ski slopes! Each parent knows his or her child and reacts accordingly, so we can't give real advice on this point. For me, when one of my children gets upset, I try to put things in their place: "we are here to have fun, to enjoy ourselves, certainly not to get angry or hurt". The best attitude is to take the pressure off the child and be patient!

In my opinion, a day of skiing should remain a day of sharing and pleasure, quality family time. No set number of slopes, no set timing, a nice snack break at noon, maximum enjoyment of the scenery, we breathe and we all “smile”.

Oh, I forgot, and a selfie break every 5 minutes for the eldest ;)"


Do you think that it's the group ski lesson that your kid doesn’t like? You always have the option of private lessons. One on one tuition with the instructor. It's a great option that often provides quicker results that group lessons. However, it's usually significantly more expensive. Up to you to decide if it’s worth it!


How to equip my kid well for learning to ski?

Don't forget that being well equipped is essential to make the most of their ski days. Suitable equipment must be bought and clothing that fits well. What's more, having new clothes always motivates kids in their new activities.

Wedze ski clothing is specifically designed to keep young skiers warm and dry, and to last them for two consecutive years thanks to the Pull&Fit system that shortens or lengthens products. If you can’t buy clothing every year, as the majority of parents, just a new hat or new pair of mittens can make the difference.

Of course, remember the helmet so you kid always skis in complete safety! It’s often possible to rent one along with ski equipment.

Whether your kid finally likes skiing or prefers another snow activity, the main thing is that the entire family makes the most of the fresh air and shares in good times. This could be the chance for you to discover new activities!

How to get children to like skiing


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