how to choose kid's skis

How to choose children's skis.

Skiing with the family and helping children to discover skiing promises great moments! How do you choose the right skis for your children? Here are our tips.

The choice of children's skis is based on 3 criteria: the level, the shape and the length.

1- The level

There are 3 different levels for children:

  • How to choose children's skis.


    Your child takes his or her first steps on skis, from children’s garden to the very first slopes. They start to slide down a very gentle slope. It's time for the snow plough and their very first turns. They learn to descend by controlling their speed so they can stop.
    A child who is just starting out will need skis that are light, stable and easy to handle.

  • How to choose children's skis.

    In progress

    Your child is progressing well. He knows how to stop, masters snowplough turns and is starting to ski parallel. Like the grown-ups, he can now use the ski lifts and chairlifts!
    He will then need slightly stiffer skis than a beginner, with better grip.

  • How to choose children's skis.


    Your child has mastered parallel turns and knows how to find his or her footing to cut corners at sustained speed.
    His skis are more rigid, they grip on hard snow while ensuring stability.

How to choose children's skis.

Wedze tip for toddlers: the initiation ski harness!

The SKIWIZ harness is the ideal companion for teaching skiing to toddlers (3-5 years)!
Reassuring for the child as much as for the parents, it allows to accompany the little ones serenely in the discovery of skiing.
Thanks to its strap, you can easily guide your child and control its speed!

2- The shape

Younger skiers can choose between different ski shapes, different widths ... not always easy to understand! But rest assured, for beginners, the shape of your child's skis doesn't matter. He/she has time to choose his school once he/she has become the king/queen of the slopes.

  • How to choose children's skis.

    The double rocker

    These are skis with the tip but also the heel raised, more than on a "classic" ski. This technology makes the ski very accessible, more versatile but it allows less progress over time.

  • How to choose children's skis.

    The front rocker

    These are skis with the tip but also the heel raised, more than on a "classic" ski. This technology makes the ski a lot easier to handle when turning while keeping aperfect grip. It's the perfect shape to progress with.

3- The length

For beginning children:
You can choose a pair of skis from 15 cm to 5 cm below his height. The shorter the ski, the easier it will be to handle and the more confident your child will be. Prefer flexible skis for even more maneuverability.

For learning children:
You can therefore choose a pair of skis of the same size as him at -5cm. The goal? Let your child thrive on full-size skis when they're adults.


Between 2 and 3 years old: opt for skates, so that your child can “walk” with them. They will allow the child to discover their first sensations of gliding. We advise you to stay on the snow front.

4 years or older: you can start with real junior skis.

❅ If your child is tall enough (1.5m) and heavy enough (45kg) and from a confirmed level, you can turn to adult skis.

how to choose kid's skis



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