How do you use the children's ski initiation harness?

How do you use the children's ski inititation harness?

We are seeing it more and more often on the ski slopes: the ski learning harness for children. It allows parents to accompany their children in the discovery of the joys of skiing. But how can you use it correctly and not give bad habits to our future skiers? We tell you all!

Using the harness correctly

  • using the skiwiz harness correctly

    Place the harness around your child's waist

  • using the skiwiz harness correctly


  • using the skiwiz harness correctly


  • using the skiwiz harness correctly


  • using the skiwiz harness correctly

    Ready to go!

    Do not hesitate to adjust the strap as close as possible to the child's body so that it is securely held during the day's skiing, but not too tight!

  • using the skiwiz harness correctly

    And discover the first joys of skiing!

Wedze tips

The handle located on the back of the harness combines functionality and safety to make sure you enjoy your day.

  • using the skiwiz harness correctly

    To pick up the child

    If your child falls, help them to get back up again by using the handle.

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    On the chairlift

    When approaching the chairlift (which can be a source of stress), and on the lift, accompany your child and hold them using the handle.

  • teach children to ski with the Wedze skiwiz harness

    On the drag-lift

    On a drag-lift, hold your child between your legs by securing them using the handle.

Learn how to ski with the skiwiz harness

  • using the skiwiz harness correctly

    Initiation on a flat slope

    Once the harness is properly attached, put on the skis and stand in front of your child holding the landyards. Advance in skating position in order to tow the child to let them live their first gliding sensations! This will help them to find their balance on the skis.

    Once your child has understood the first gliding sensations and is comfortable with being towed, go to the next level on slightly sloping ground.

  • using the skiwiz harness correctly

    Progression on a slight slope

    Now get your child to comein front of you. Leave a meter of distance between you and adopt the snowplow position in order to perfectly control your speed. Let your child slide gently, never stretching the lanyards to prevent them from adopting a position too far back. It could give them bad habits!

    The goal is to give your child maximum freedom and guide them towards autonomy. It is therefore very important in the learning process to follow your child's pace and not to try to master the future king of the slopes!

    If you have a problem, you are right at the end of the lanyard and you can react immediately.

The skiwiz in images:

Be careful: the harness is ideal for starting on green slopes. Do not venture on to slopes that are too steep and prefer the slopes reserved for beginners for everyone's safety.

Wedze tips

We remind you that the best way to learn and progress is to take lessons supervised by a professional. The harness will only be a complement to your child's ski learning initiation.

And you, have you ever used a learning harness with your children? Do not hesitate to share your anecdotes with us!

How do you use the children's ski initiation harness?


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