how to choose adult skis with our decathlon advice

How to choose adult skis.

Downhill, Freeride, freestyle or ski touring? Which length to choose?Wide or narrow? Skis must offer gliding pleasure while ensuring safety and progression. It is sometimes difficult to navigate. Discover all the criteria to take into account when equipping yourself.

The choice for skis is based on 3 criteria: the skiing discipline, the level and the morphology

The skiing discipline

  • Choosing skis from the Wedze brand

    Downhill skiing

    What you like is making beautiful turns on the ski slopes? We therefore advice you to take downhill skis. Fairly narrow, these skis will give you more responsiveness from one turn to the next as well as good grip.

  • how to choose your freeride skis

    Freeride skiing

    You prefer powder? So no doubt, it's a pair of Freeride skis that you need.Wider (more than 85mm at the waist) and equipped with front and / or rear rocker, they float on powder snow while also being manoeuvrable.

  • Choosing skis from the Wedze brand

    Freestyle skiing

    If you prefer snowparks, jumps and trying out new modules, choose Freestyle skis. Double tip skis, light and resistant with great manoeuvrability.

  • how to choose your freeride skis

    Ski touring

    Do you want to discover the mountain differently and escape the tumult of the crowd and share physical exercise between friends?Opt for touring skis, with skins for going uphill.

The level

  • Level 1: beginners

    You want to start skiing and / or progress without wanting to tackle the most difficult slopes

  • Level 2: intermediate skiers

    You are comfortable on green to red slopes, on most slopes and types of snow, you master skid turns and want to progress in the technique of carving and the mastery of skiing in powder snow

  • Level 3: advanced skiers

    You ski fast on all types of snow and on all slopes. You know perfectly how to vary the different curves (small radii, large, carving, skidding)


The shorter the skis, the more manoeuvrable they are. the shorter the skis, the more manoeuvrable they are.Heavier skiers can choose wider skis.

  • Downhill skis

    From -5 to -15 cms 

  • Freeride skis

    From – 5 cms to +10 cms your height

  • Freestyle skis

    Your height – 10 cms

  • Ski touring

    From – 5 cms to -10cms below your height

how to choose adult skis


the weight of the skier also influences the ability to control the ski.~For example a lighter skier will have more difficulty in controlling and « twisting » a rigid ski.For lighter skiers go for flexible to medium skis, and for a heavier skier go for medium skis. Stiff skis are dedicated for the advanced level.

How to choose adult skis.

How to choose adult skis.



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