6 QUESTIONS TO PHILIPPE, snowboard product manager.

1. Is my snowboard already waxed when I purchase it? 

Philippe, Dreamscape product manager:"Yes, all of our snowboards are waxed before leaving the factory, so ready to go on the snow even 6 months after purchase. For this, all you need to do is to store it indoors away from the sun. We also advise you to remove the technical description sticker from the base before storage."

2. How long between purchase and 1st outing without needing to re-wax?

Ph. : "Even if you wait 6 months after purchase before taking your board out, the wax on your snowboard will still be good provided you have complied with the storage conditions mentioned above.." 

3. For how many outings can I keep the factory wax? 
Ph. : "Between 5 and 10 outings maximum. The difficult point in snowboarding remains the flats ... We therefore advise you to have the best possible glide and for this waxing every 5 outings is ideal. A snowboard is more difficult to wax than a ski on the surface (greater consumption of wax) and more difficult to flatten, which is why we advise you to have it done by professionals."

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4. How long before sharpening my edges? 

Ph. : "There is no recommended time, it is a question of conditions of use. Generally during the end of season maintenance check (sharpening / waxing) or at the start of the season it is advisable to resharpen. Then, keep an eye on your edges regularly, if you have passed over stones and marks appear, it is then necessary to iron over to maintain good grip."

Conclusion: No strict rule, sharpening needs to be done according to the wear of your edges. 

Taking care of your snowboard
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5. How do your store away your board?


Ph: "-Wipe open the edges with a rag at the end of the day to prevent rust appearing.
-Try to not leave your board in full sunlight, especially the base.
- Do not put your board on the gravel or vertically on a roughly plastered wall."

At the end of the season: 

Ph: "The most important thing is to protect the base of your snowboard to maintain its gliding properties. It is therefore advisable to take your board to a workshop to redo the base and have it re-examined: remove scratches and give it a clean structure. Specify that it is for end-of-season storage, in this way a base wax will be applied and especially it will not be scraped off to give it a protective layer. 

Store your equipment in a dry place to avoid any problem of rust. So, try to avoid the garage, the garden shed, or the cellar ... If you can, choose a room inside the house. Ideally we advise you to store your equipment in a protection cover."

You now know everything you need to know to look after your ski equipment properly.
All you have to do now is ride and have as much fun as possible!

Taking care of your snowboard


DREAMSCAPE communication team, instructor and passionate about snowboarding.