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How do you carry a snowboard?

Carrying your snowboard is not complex and there are several ways to do it. However, there are some things to avoid when transporting your board so as not to damage it. Here you will find our tips...

1/ Carrying it by hand

The advantage of a snowboard is that it is very easy to be carried by hand, unlike a pair of skis that require more of a complicated task! 
Just grab your snowboard with one hand in middle of the bindings and bring it with your arms outstretched horizontally against you.It's simple, handy and practical because your second hand remains completely free!

carrying your snowboard


Don't drag your board along the ground, especially if there are rocks or if it is simply without snow. You will damage the edges and the base of your snowboard and this will then penalize your glide!
It is also preferable not to leave your snowboard on the snow on the side of its base at the risk of seeing it sliding and descending the slope ...

2/ Carrying your snowboard on a backpack or in its bag

Do you have to walk a bit to reach the ski lifts? Or are you planning to join an off-piste route that requires an approach walk on difficult terrain? 

Think of purchasing a backpack that allows you to attach the board on to it for easy transportation leaving both your hands free. Thanks to the external straps provided on the bag, it will only take you a few seconds. Remember to tighten the straps so that your snowboard does not move.

When making long journeys to reach snow-covered slopes - especially if you have to take a plane or train - remember to protect your snowboard in a transport bag, they are especially  made for this!It will protect the edges and the base from impacts, and makes transporting the board so much easier.

In addition, it will be useful to protect your snowboard from humidity and dust during storage!

How do you carry a snowboard?

Did you know?

The systems for carrying skis on a backpack are different from those for carrying a snowboard, and not always compatible. Do not hesitate to ask a sales assistant for advice when purchasing your backpack!

To be well-equipped:

Now you can wear your snowboard in style without the risk of damaging it!

How do you carry a snowboard?

Philippe tiercin

DREAMSCAPE product manager, passionate about snowboarding

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