How do you choose your riding style?

Snowboarding is a varied sliding sport, which is available according to the conditions, the terrain and the personality of the rider. Everyone has their own style, discipline and approach to snowboarding! Here is an introduction to the different types of ride ...

Finding the snowboard discipline that suits you the best is a guarantee for having perfect sliding experience and pleasure, fantastic sensations and desire to want to progress. 
For this, nothing testing all terrain on the snow and having a real experience!  

But before embarking on this adventure, take the time to discover these disciplines, their playgrounds and what they have to offer...

snowboard carving

1/ Carving

Are you a fan of speed, pure sliding and adrenaline? Opt for carving !

In constant search for velocity, you will apply yourself to achieve perfect turns, one after the other without catching your breath. The goal is to turn quickly without skidding. Eager for hard and perfectly groomed slopes, you will favour strength and concentration over your jumping abilities...

To start with, you can carve with suitable equipment in the form of a directional snowboard, hard snowboard bindings and hard boots ... otherwise called "extreme carving"
Easier, more accessible and just as much fun: you can also use a "soft" board, stiffer and directional, to learn "carving" !

Remember to watch out for other snowboarders and skiers around you when you go downhill!


2/ All mountain

Are you looking for diversity, you are in constant seeking for new fields and new sensations? 

All you have to do is to grab your snowboard and explore the ski area while enjoying the great sensations of sliding.It's amazing to discover all the things you can do with a snowboard on your feet!

You will be able to take the time to make beautiful turns and have fun on all types of snow and terrain. 

Ideal for never-ending and all types sliding pleasure!

best freeride snowboard

3/ Freeride

Do you love the great outdoors, nature and wild mountains? 

Freeride snowboarding, is the snowboarding ground par excellence. The sensations that you will have in the pow, virgin and fresh snow, will be unique.There's nothing to compare it ... you must go!

Go off the beaten track, explore the mountains away from the slopes, and feel the wind of freedom in an endless landscape to make your mark in virgin snow... "Freeride snowboarding" will also allow you to exceed your limits, explore your mental and physical resources.

Be careful!

To learn about Freeride, you must be accompanied by a guide! 
Whatever your level, it is he/she who will take you to a place that corresponds to your level. Please note that this sport requires specific safety equipment and good knowledge of the mountain! Never go off-piste alone and always find out about the snow conditions and the risk of avalanche.

beginner freestyle snowboard

4/ Freestyle

Are you searching for thrilling sensations?

In a snowpark or a half-pipe, freestyle is the fun discipline par excellence!

The whole point here is to have fun jumping, sliding, turning, doing tricks and climbing up on modules in the most personal style possible.You will see that there are really many ways to express yourself with a snowboard on your feet!!

The adrenaline rush is guaranteed and the atmosphere in the snowparks will help you progress day after day! We are all friends who come together around the same desire to have fun. There's a true family spirit!

It will be the favourite discipline of all those who love sport for its fun side, for shareding moments amongst friends, and excelling oneself.

Easily accessible at any age with good initiation, you can do it almost everywhere in France with some friends and a smile!

Be careful

Once again, for your safety, remember to assess your level in order to progress on suitable modules and jumps.

pack splitboard

5/ Splitboard

The splitboards are snowboards that, as the name suggests, split in half and allow you to climb the slopes with skins and snowshoes. 

And now this is when you say:"hmmm...but I'm not a skier!". 

Don't worry!You will attach the boards together at the top to have a great snowboarding experience for the descent ... (Phew!) This type of snowboard will allow you to do sport in an original and contemplative way.

By doing splitboard backcountry, you will immerse yourself completely in nature, you will no longer need the ski lifts, and you will finally be able to say goodbye to the queues!

It's truly the moment to discover mountains at 360 degrees.. You will find in this discipline all the ingredients that will reveal your talent as an adventurer. 

And what better way than to contemplate the mountain on the way up and then descend in places where the snow has not yet been touched! 

If each of these practices make you want to go, no problem, go ahead and give them a go! 
The important thing is to keep good sensations and to ensure your safety so that the gliding always remains a pleasure.

How do I choose my snowboard discipline?


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