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How do i know if i am goofy or regular?

If you are beginning snowboarding, you need to answer THE question: am I Goofy or Regular?
Don't panic, we are going to explain what Goofy and Regular means and how to test which one you are!

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1/ Goofy or regular, what does it mean?

Knowing whether your are Goofy or Regular simply means finding out which foot to put forwards on the snowboard: left foot or right foot, and which way you face on your snowboard.

- Regulars put their left foot forwards.

- Goofies put their right foot forwards.

This stage is crucial as it defines which is your front foot and all the techniques and turns will be adapted to that.

A Regular isn't necessarily left handed and a Goofy right handed.
Indeed, 75% of snowboarders ride Regular (which is why they are known as "Regular").

Goofy snowboard

Did you know?


The name comes from surfing, the real ancestor of snowboarding and even if it literally means "funny" or "clumsy", it is not offensive.

It comes from Goofy, the mythical Disney character, who, in an old cartoon called "Hawaiian Holiday", he went out on the waves with his right foot forwards, when almost all surfers were Regulars!

Since then, the expression Goofy to describe the position right foot forwards on a snowboard has entered all sideways board sports, particularly surfing, skating and snowboarding.

Snowboard goofy or regular tests 

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    Technique no. 1: the skateboard

    When you get on a skateboard, you naturally place your right foot forwards, it is likely that you will be Goofy on a snowboard.

  • how to adjust your snowboard bindings - scooter test

    Technique no. 2: the scooter

    For the 2nd technique, we recommend you spend some quality time with your family and go to ride your scooter! Your front foot on your snowboard will be the same as on the scooter.

  • How can I know if I am Goofy or Regular?

    Technique no. 4: ask someone to push you (gently 

    Have you already been pushed by somebody unexpectedly?
    The foot you put forwards to catch yourself and regain balance will be your strongest and the one you will put forwards when snowboarding. 

  • How can I know if I am Goofy or Regular?

    Technique no. 3: the chair

    If you get on to a chair (without holding on to something) you put your right leg up first, you are probably Goofy.

    The same works with stairs, if you want to climb the stairs two-by-two and put your right leg forwards, you are Goofy.


You are Goofy (right foot forwards) if you tend to: place your right foot first on a skateboard, use this foot to step up onto a chair or the stairs or if you put that foot forwards on a scooter.

Of course, it is a way of determining it before you get on to a snowboard.Once you are on the snow, if you don't feel comfortable, you can switch.
There is no rule to say which foot should be forwards.It depends how you feel... Try!

And don't worry!The current trend is to learn to ride both ways... It will help you progress in freestyle!;)

How to tell if you are Goofy or Regular on a snowboard?

Philippe tiercin

DREAMSCAPE product manager and snowboarder.

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