How do you choose ski poles?

How do you choose ski poles?

No skiing without those famous ski poles! But how do you choose the length of the ski pole and following what criteria? We tell you all!

The choice of ski pole is based on 3 criteria: the length, the baskets and the handles

How do you choose ski poles?

Wedze ski pole lengths

1/ The length

To determine the correct length of your poles, they must be turned upside down, held vertically, with your hand placed under the basket so as to form with your forearm a 90° angle

We advise you to do this bending slightly your knees, your ski boots on.

2/ The baskets

  • How to choose ski poles

    Small diameter

    For amateurs of speed on the slopes
    This basket provides precision and lightweight.

  • How to choose ski poles

    Average diameter

    To vary the pleasures with the « all- terrain »: piste, piste edges and light pow.

  • How to choose ski poles

    Big diameter

    For fans ofpow to stop them sinking into the snow.

3/ The handles

Wedze offers 4 different handles with different advantages.

How to choose ski poles

Single material handle


How to choose ski poles

Foam handle

Light and comfortable

How to choose ski poles

Double material handle

Easy to use

How to choose ski poles

Handle with long grip

Ascent/Descent versatility

How to choose ski poles


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