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How to get started in snowboarding?

Would you like to discover new sensations of sliding? Let yourself be tempted ... go snowboarding!

A fun discipline par excellence, it is open to all, regardless of their level. 
Do you think it's too complicated for you? Let us show you the opposite!

Interview with antoine bouvier

Product engineer and ski & snowboard instructor.

A passionate ski and snowboard instructor, Antoine gives you his basic advice for a good start to snowboarding.

Antoine's advice on how to get started and progress in snowboard video

I - starting: the basics of snowboard

In snowboard, we slide on a board, with two asymmetric turns:one frontside with pressure on the toes, and one backside with pressure on the toes.

The few basic concepts to always keep in mind are:
- put your bodyweight on to the front foot
- keep your shoulders parallel to the board
- And look far ahear!

starting to learn to snowboard with wedze tips

1/ The direct trace

Start on a gentle slope.First of all, only attach the front foot to the board. This is what we call Onefoot.Let yourself slide naturally, board flat, on a gentle slope, if possible with a natural stop (the terrain rises slightly or becomes completely flat), to feel the first sensations of sliding on the board. 
Don't forget to put all your bodyweight on to the front foot.Rest your back foot on the board, in between the bindings.

Once you are at ease doing direct trace in onefoot, you will be able to attach the back foot and test your first turn.

starting to learn to snowboard with wedze tips

2/ Snowflaking

On a slightly steeper slope, you will work on the snowflaking technique.

Skid down facing the slope, on your heels, moving from side to side of the track, successively shifting your body weight from one foot to the other. 
The snowflaking technique will allow you to skid down safely on steeper slopes, while controlling your speed.The same can be done on the toes, but it takes a lot more balance. 

Snowflaking will teach you to manage balance and edge movement, one of the most difficult things when you are new to snowboarding.

starting to learn to snowboard with wedze tips

3/ The backside turn

You will begin with the backside turn, which is the easiest.

Start in a straight line facing the slope and, when you decide to turn, lean back slightly with your toes up, looking in the direction you want to go. Naturally, your board will pivot, in a backside turn, on your heels.

starting to learn snowboard with wedze tips

4/ The frontside turn

The frontside turn is the same, but on the toes this time.

Likewise, start slope-side, then lean forward raising your heels, to make a nice frontside turn, on your toes.

Ii - progress: snowboard techniques

starting to learn snowboard with wedze tips

5/ The skiidded turn

You are now ready to do your first skidded snowboard turns.

For this, skid backside, on your heels. Then rotate your board on the slope, laying it flat on the snow, applying your full body weight on to the front foot. The board with automatically pivot on itself. Then finish your turn with a frontside, on your toes. 

To achieve your backsidedriving phase, it is important to bend your legs well and bring your buttocks closer to the snow.

To achieve your frontsidedriving phase, it is important to push your knees forward and straighten your upper body.

Once this sequence is mastered, do the same by making a turn starting with a frontside skid and finishing with a backsideskid.

These first turns will be your first real feeling of sliding on a snowboard. Once you gain confidence on the flat, you can choose a track with a little more incline and you can chain turns the entire length of the track or smaller, faster turns.

Antoine's tips: link freestyle movements

Once you're confident on your snowboard, you can move on with the first few movements that make up the basis of freestyle. 
You will need to understand how balance works on the board and familiarize yourself a little with the turns and hip movements on your board.
You can then start doing your first ollies on the slope. To do this, choose a flat ground and try first without speed or at reduced speed.

get started in snowboarding with wedze tips

6/ The carved turn

Now that you are confident with the skid turns and have gained more experience, the last step in your progression is the carved turn.

For that, choose a medium steep slope, and put your board completely on its edge, on frontside like as backside. Let yourself be guided by the radius of your board, for maximum pleasure of sensations!

get started in snowboarding - conclusion

Now that you know more about snowboarding, are you ready for adventures? Alone, with friends or family, let's go! ...

Get started in snowboarding


Dreamscape communication team, instructor and passionate about snowboard

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