Snow activities for children

9 Snow activities for children from the age of one year or more!

Have you planned your skiing holiday? But you’re not sure how to keep your baby entertained. Discover 9 activities for children so that you can enjoy the snowy peaks together.

Snow is fascinating for adults as well as child. However, there isn't much point, until you can actually walk on it, naturally. On the other hand, from the age of one, or once your child has learned to walk, they should be able to have a lot of fun!
Check out our outdoor activities for children on a ski holiday.

What can you do in the mountains other than skiing?

Snow activities for children

1/ Discovering the snow and looking at snowflakes

Is this the first time your baby has seen the snow? This is already a great experience in and of itself! Let them find out what it's about: making their own marks, the sound of their footsteps, the texture of the snow... It's cold, it’s surprising - that in itself should keep them occupied for a little while!
If the children are a little older you can get them to look at snowflakes with a magnifying glass. They will be fascinated (for a few minutes) by their varied shapes and the beauty of these little ice crystals.

And for all the little ones, having fun outside is important for developing their curiosity and giving them a change of scenery, in particular. So do not hesitate to get them to do activities in the snow provided they have the right gear!

Snow activities 2

2/ Building a snowman

Snow is like Plasticine for the holidays! It's great fun learning how to build a life-sized snowman. And you can combine snowman building with a little walk to find a few accessories. From fir branches to pebbles and pine cones, the forest is bursting with decoration for your snowman. It's a creative physical activity for the winter that is perfect for children from 3-5 years old and for many years after that... With the snow sculpture competitions for pros and amateurs that are held in certain resorts in the Alps!

Snow activities for children

3/ Snowball fights are an old favourite but always great fun

Running in the snow, building fortifications, seeing whether you can make snowballs... A snowball fight is sure to be fun, and create opportunities to fall on the ground and get to know this world made of snow. It's also a great game for running around and letting off steam! If you've run out of indoor activities, get everyone dressed up and head out for a little snowball fight. In no time at all, everyone will be very tired and you will still have made the most of the snow.

It's a way of creating great memories with the whole family!

Snow activities 4

4/ Sledging is a simple yet effective activity!

Sledging is the ideal family activity as everyone can join in and have great fun. More and more resorts are offering dedicated and secure areas for sledging.
Some even make distinctions by age and provide conveyor belt lifts. Children between 3 and 5 years old can already begin to practise steering their sledge themselves, on gentle slopes of course, and always under your supervision.

Snow activities 5

The sledge for kids to enjoy going out in the snow and not get tired

What if your child or baby is tired out from their previous activities but still wants to enjoy the fresh mountain air? Cover them up well and get a sledge that you can pull along". You will get some exercise and your child will be delighted to be able to have a little rest. And when your children are older you can introduce them to dog sledging or suggest a carriage ride in the snow.

Snow activities 6

6/ Hiking on snow is great for entertaining the kids and grown-ups

""Hiking in the snow is fun. Some resorts offer discovery trails that are suitable for children, where they can set off to track a mountain animal (ermine and others). They will get the chance to look out for tracks of mountain hares or other animals that walk around in the snow. Hiking in the snow is also tiring, so make sure the route is not too long. Also, prepare some snacks and have a break to eat and enjoy a hot drink. You can also motivate the younger hikers with the promise of a night out at the cinema or a tasty snack from the bakery at the ski resort.

Snow activities 7

7/ Going skating at the natural (outdoor) or covered ice rink is perfect for finding your balance

Do you want to help your child to improve their balance? Then get them out on the skating rink! Resort skating rinks often have an area dedicated to young children where they can walk on the ice without ice skates. And to help them get their balance by themselves, skating aids are provided for the children. These supports can also be used as pushchairs on ice: you will be doing most of the work but your child will get used to the sensation of sliding across the ice! For this activity, make sure that the whole family has very warm and waterproof gloves and clothing, especially if you are outdoors. What's more, seeing the moon rise over an outdoor ice rink should leave you with some incredible memories for young and old alike.

7 activities for the snow for children from the age of 1

8/ Going in search of igloos!

Children of all ages love igloos. There's something magical about seeing the snow turn into bricks which can then be made into a shelter! They may be a little too young to spend the night in the igloo, but an increasing number of resorts are building structures so that the youngsters can discover the pleasure of a house made of snow, when the conditions allow. They can play the Inuit eskimo for an afternoon. They can have fun comparing the temperature inside and outside the igloo! And if they feel drawn to the trapper lifestyle, you will have the opportunity to sleep in one of the igloos when they are older.

7 activities for the snow for children from the age of 1

9/ Returning from a countryside walk with treasures that can be used for a physical activity at home

Want to be prepared for a snowstorm? Do not hesitate to pick up the small twigs and other pine cones that you come across on the snow-covered paths. The children will be delighted to embark on a treasure hunt on the trails and you will have something to keep them warm on those days when you cannot go out. You can paint the pine cones to decorate the table for the holiday season or create original artwork by using the small twigs for painting.

7 snow activities - an extra tip

An extra tip !

 Is this your first time in a ski resort with your baby? Make sure that you take breaks as you ascend so that they are not affected by the pressure changes linked to the increase in altitude. Get them something to drink to unblock their ears and avoid going up to a high altitude if they have a cold or an earache. And if your baby is not moving a lot, make sure they are well wrapped up from head to toe. Also avoid going out for more than 1½h - 2h if your child isn't moving about.

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9 snow activities for children from the age of one year or more


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