Yoga session before snowboarding

Yoga session before snowboarding

Snowboard requires a good physical preparation in order to have strong muscles, balance, equilibrium and proprioception. We will propose some yoga poses for snowboarders that will help you prepare for your rinding activities. 

Find a nice spot with a view on the mountains, grab a yoga mat and test the benefits of yoga immediately!

Before a snowboarding session your body needs to be warmed up and your muscles need to be ready to tackle a strong effort. Especially if you will ride for a full day or for many days consecutively, or simply if you want to be at your best, a muscle warm-up is essential. 

Yoga session before snowboarding

Sun salutation 

This is a quick and easy practice to do in the morning to energize your body and mind. The Sun Salutation is an easy sequence of poses which are simple and accessible to all; you don't need to be proficient in yoga to practice it. 
Sun Salutation is a good practice to wake up the body. You will  gently wake up the energy that circulates in your body:  you will soften and strengthen muscles, and energize your mind.
It is a good routine to do before snowboarding because it includes poses to align and strengthen the all body but in specific you will be able wake up and gain flexibility in the all back region of you body (back of the legs, shoulders and lower back)...

Chair position

Chair position  (utkatasana)

This position will enable you to warm-up and tone your legs before your snowboarding session. 

It perfectly imitates the squat position you will maintain while snowboarding, a position that requires a lot of power on your quadriceps.  
By practising this chair pose, you will prepare your legs to support you all day long. In addition to the legs you will also warm-up your ankles and stretch your shoulders. You will strengthen your abs, thighs and glutes.

Balancing yoga positions

Tree pose (vrikshasana)

The tree position is a balancing asana that will boost your equilibrium while you ride.

Tree Pose builds strength in your calves and your ankles. To maintain your balance you will have to focus your eyes on a precise point and focus on your breathing. This will help you improve the anchorage you need while you ride and especially when you do some rotation with your snowboard. 

Yoga session before snowboarding

Reclined spinal twist (supta matsyendrasana)

Ending your yoga session before snowboarding with a reclined pose will help you relax the body before shredding all day long. Spinal twists are always very important to realign your back and stretch it.  
Indeed, while snowboarding you are subject to a lot of twisting movements: while turning or while rotating. This spinal twist pose will help you prepare you obliques and core to support your ride. 

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Practicing yoga after snowboarding

Yoga after snowboarding

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