5-year warranty

How does the 5-year warranty work for my textile product?

5-year textile warranty

5-Year warranty

At Decathlon, we want you to enjoy your sports equipment for as long as possible. This is why we carefully select our product components.

It’s also why the Decathlon Dreamscape Snowboards team guarantees that all ski and snowboard clothing designed by Dreamscape and sold by Decathlon is free from any material or manufacturing defects for the life of the product. Damage due to misuse, abuse, accidents, negligence and to wear and tear caused by prolonged wear beyond the warranty, is not covered however can be repaired for a reasonable price.

Material defects refers to zips, buckles, press studs and fabrics. Manufacturing defects refers to product assembly, such as topstitch, seams, waterproof strips, etc.

All complaints within the 5-year warranty* must be supported by proof of purchase or your Decathlon card. (*From the date shown on your sales receipt.)

This 5-year (five) warranty can vary depending on States and countries.

5-year textile warranty

Why 5 years?

The 5-year duration is related to the intensity of product use. Our 100 range of products has been created and designed to be used on skis and snowboards for 1 to 10 days annually for 5 years. Our 500 range of products has been created and designed to be used on skis and snowboards for 10 to 20 days annually for 5 years and our 900 range of products has been created and designed to be used on skis and snowboards for 20 to 50 days annually for 5 years.

Textile products with no number have been created and designed to be used on skis and snowboards for 20 to 50 days annually for 5 years. This means that we have anticipated the life of the materials and components used to manufacture the final product according to your sport and your budget. We do everything possible to choose high quality materials and components that meet our quality criteria, yet at the same time have a certain lifespan and wear out over time. We assess a product's lifespan according to its planned and actual use and not it’s age.

Even if we worked every day to bring you long-lasting products, nothing lasts forever! Products used in certain conditions and exposed to the elements wear out quicker than those used less frequently, and it could be that your product has just simple reached the end of its useful lifespan.

Here are examples of material or manufacturing defects:


5-year textile warranty

Outer seam / topstitch unstitched.

5-year textile warranty

Inner seam / topstitch unstitched.

5-year textile warranty

Button or press stud is loose or missing.

5-year textile warranty

Main, pocket or vent zip doesn’t close or closes badly

5-year textile warranty

Unstitched pocket bag

5-year textile warranty

Main or pocket zip is broken

Here are examples of wear and tear, abuse or negligence 


5-year textile warranty

Holes at the ankle due to rubbing when you walk.

5-year textile warranty

Cut or ripped edge guard caused by repeating rubbing from skis.

5-year textile warranty

Zip or flap holders are worn out or have holes caused by rubbing for over 5 years of use, as mentioned above.

5-year textile warranty

Cigarette hole in the outer or inner linked component.

How to benefit from your warranty?

Head to the workshop in your usual Decathlon store to see a technician who will guide you in the right direction, assess your problem and support you with your warranty or a repair solution for your product. 

Find all our available services on our website:

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