ComeOnBoard junior snowboard

Discovering snowboarding for 3 to 6 year olds

Whether you are a snowboarding parent or not, if you want your child to learn to snowboard, book a weekend at one of our Come On Board events! 

What is come on board?

The Come on Board is an event run by Decathlon DREAMSCAPE, organised to make snowboarding accessible from the youngest age.

The aims are:
- To introduce snowboarding to young children and inform parents about snowboarding.
- Offer a FUN and ACCESSIBLE experience of a board sport to children.
- Make this introduction accessible by organising events in our DECATHLON stores. 

Children's snowboarding
accessing snowboarding

Making snowboarding accessible to young children.

Not all families and young people live near ski resorts or go to the mountains regularly. When we realised this, we wanted to bring snowboarding to towns or near where they live, organising events in out Decathlon stores so that they can discover snowboarding at the youngest age!

Come On Board event

Who can take part?

All children aged 3 to 6 can take part in the event. Just come to the Decathlon store organising the event and want to have fun and slide down slopes safely!
With Come on Board, we want to dispel the myth that there is a minimum age to start snowboarding... Because there isn't an age to start snowboarding!
So if your child can walk and stand up: “Come On Board !”

Your child's first steps on a snowboard: "Come On Board"

How is the event organised?

Children will try a training course with mobile obstacles and modules of different shapes and sizes. The course is secured and fenced off, visible in the central aisle of our stores.

Children are pulled on the snowboard by an instructor and will be safely supported. They can take part in different activities and games during the event and will be given stickers and goodies at the end of the course.  

Decathlon provides all the equipment children need (snowboard boots, board, helmet and protections) for the event.

We will do all we can to give them a taste for snowboarding!

It was super fun! My daughter loved the experience, and I think that next winter we won't have a choice but to put her on a snowboard...


How do the parents react?

They were all very surprised to see their children keep their balance so well and are all very proud of their kids. The children are super happy and are exited to do it again! We heard Marie's mother's reaction after her daughter finished the Come On Board course:  

"It was so fun to see her go down the modules! I didn't think it was possible to snowboard at her age. I thought you had to start skiing first...
We were lucky that the went to the store on the day the event was held and of course my daughter wanted to do it! My daughter learned to keep her balance thanks to the organisers. It was super fun ! She loved the experience, and I think that next winter we won't have a choice but to put her on a snowboard..."

Does this first experience help prepare for real snow?

Thanks to "Come on Board", children can quickly develop the basic skills and balance needed to slide on snow.

However, the programme has a more ambitious aim. Indeed, this first introduction to snowboarding aims to develop young children's motor skills, increase confidence, spatial awareness and timing of movements.

The result will of course be fun, but children will also develop physical benefits such as muscle tone, a stronger immune system and balance (or proprioceptive ability) needed for snowboarding and other sports, whether on a board or not. 

Your child's first steps on a snowboard: "Come On Board"


DREAMSCAPE communication team, instructor and passionate about snowboarding 

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