Going on a ski holiday with a baby

Going on a ski holiday with a baby

Are you ready to embark on a ski adventure with your baby? You want his first time in the snow to be special for both you and him. You need to be vigilant at all times, from your journey up to the mountain peaks to baby's first contact with the snow. Fortunately, we have plenty of tips to share to ensure everything goes to plan!

Going on a ski holiday with a baby

At what age can your child start skiing?

Are you wondering at what age your child can start skiing or, at least, join you for a winter holiday in the mountains? Ideally, it is good to wait a bit before taking a baby to high altitudes. In short, for a first winter holiday at the age of about 12-18 months, it is advisable to stay at a low or moderate altitude. There are two reasons for this: on the one hand, the higher altitude and the air pressure can have an effect on babies' ears, and the cold will be much more extreme at high altitudes. So, staying below 2000 metres up to the age of 18 months is recommended.
That said, it's always a good idea to give the kids a change of scenery! And discovering the snow for the first time will be a wonderful moment to share with the family.

It will be necessary to keep your child well hydrated and properly wrapped-up for the duration of your stay in the mountains.

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Take breaks when going to high altitudes with a child

Use the journey to help your baby adapt to the change in altitude and atmospheric pressure. Where possible, take regular breaks to help your little one acclimatize. To help baby cope with the change in pressure, breastfeeding is a good solution, like on a plane trip! Give your baby a bottle or dummy, depending on his preference, which will help him swallow and keep his ears unblocked... If they are too old for all this, you can achieve the same result by giving them a drink.

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How to dress a baby for skiing

Giving your kid the right gear to wear during your holiday in the mountains is essential. Most of the time, while you're moving round, he'll be immobile in his buggy, sledge or baby carrier and so will be much more susceptible to the wind and cold. Ideally, you should kit them out with a ski suit that is specially designed for the temperatures encountered in a ski resort.

Under baby's ski suit, they should be wearing a bodysuit, fleece and tights to keep their tummy and legs warm.

The head, hands and feet get cold very quickly, so be sure to protect them well.
To keep their head and ears warm, consider a ski hat with ear flaps or a traditional balaclava.
- As for the gloves, how about Wedze's ""baby ski mittens? Some of them even have an (almost) full-length opening system which makes life easier for parents.
- For the feet, consider a good pair of ski socks. Although your baby still can't walk, remember to bring snow or après-ski boots.
- Also remember to take a blanket for the stroller.

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Glasses or ski goggles – key accessories

UV rays are more dangerous in the mountains given the altitude and the snow glare, so a good pair of sunglasses or some ski goggles are essential, for your kid as well as for you. Not least because children's eyes are not fully developed until about the age of 12 years. Their crystalline lens doesn't filter the UV rays as well, which makes them more dangerous for their eyesight.

Don't forget the sun cream

You're in the mountains and it's winter, so you might be wondering why you need to use sunscreen. Nevertheless, it is extremely important. The snow reflects the UV rays and, even if the weather seems cloudy, they are still present. Baby should never go out without their sunscreen whatever the weather conditions. Indeed, you shouldn't either! Choose a special factor 50+ sunscreen for kids. Apply some cream every 2 hours.

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The sledge – the perfect accessory for having fun and transporting babies from the age of 12 months

A sledge is a great way to transport them as well as keep them entertained. Ideally, you should wait until baby is able to sit up properly. Models made for toddlers have built-in seats and harnesses that are comfortable for them and give you peace of mind. You can make them take gentle descents or pull them along behind you when you are on a walk.

If you prefer using a pushchair to get around the resort, the most practical solution is to hire an all-terrain model for use on snow, directly on site.

How to ski with a baby: top tip – ski holiday crèches

If you are in a "Familles Plus" certified resort, remember to check their childcare provision. Remember that places are limited so if you want to take make use of this facility, you need to book well in advance.

Your little one is dependent on you: you need to remember to protect him properly from the outside elements at the beach and in the mountains. once you have all the right gear, you will both be able to explore a thrilling new world. so, where are you heading this winter with your baby?

Going on a ski holiday with a baby


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