skiing spring snow well - title

Skiing spring snow well

Spring skiing is a great opportunity to enjoy the slopes in the sun. Spring snow is special, so check out our tips for good skiing.

1/ What's it like skiing on spring snow?

If we call it "spring snow", it is because this snow, which we find at the season of the first flowers, has its peculiarities.Very pleasant at times, but can become "slush" or on the contrary frozen at other times. This is because it gradually melts under the effect of the sun and warm temperatures during the day while it freezes every night.

Very pleasant to ski if you approach it at the right time, neither too early nor too late, spring snow can be a real treat for skiers!

2/ How do you ski on it?

Spring snow changes throughout the day, depending on the sun and rising temperatures.

Skiing spring snow well

- On the slopes

If you go early, beware of ice...Our tip:Maintain regular pressure on the weight bearing ski, avoiding turning or skidding too suddenly.

Even easier:ski down gently and manage the "ice rink" effect of the spring snow in early morning. Well-sharpened edges will be your best friends in these conditions .

When it starts to thaw, you will enjoy sliding on soft and catchy snow, which can give you wings.

In the afternoon"slush" you will opt for flexible skiing, with a slightly bent position, the bust upright, by distributing the weight on to your skis, allowing you to lighten your way of skiing.

Skiing spring snow well

- Ski touring?

Spring is the perfect time for ski touring: catchy snow for the skins, mild temperatures mild temperatures and great opportunities to see nature waking up with its share of marmots and ibex ... So many good reasons to take advantage and get started while the snow is still there.

The good news?No need for a ski pass or skilifts!The goal is to go to quiet and unspoiled places, but don't forget to take all the safety measures: weather information, snow conditions, accompanied and equipment.The snow you will encounter will normally be compact and load-bearing. As for Freeride, remember to balance yourself well on your skis to make the most of it.

Skiing spring snow well

- Freeride

Off-piste, you will find more compact snow than that of winter, with more bearing capacity. The important thing will therefore be to find the right balance on your skis, not too far back as in very light powder, and enough weight on each ski to maneuver.

Fancy having a go?With the help of a professional, enter into the right time slot and you will discover the must of spring skiing, in the middle of nature already in full effervescence.

Skiing spring snow well


At the end of the day, the snow becomes heavier, and picking up speed is more difficult. An element to take into account if you are launching an assault on the snowpark modules. Go a little higher, or plan a little lower flight.

Who says less speed also means less risk, so why not take the opportunity to test freestyle? You will be able to get started without rushing it, a great opportunity to taste new sensations.

The choice of wax

As the snow is not very hard, a so-called "hot" yellow or orange wax will allow you to ski more fluidly, since it operates faster than a traditional one.

Wedze tips

Total screenblock, protection 3 or 4 goggles and a bottle of water will accompany you on these days when getting overheated quickly happens.

Now that you know everything about spring snow, you can ski it while enjoying the milder temperatures and longer days!

Skiing spring snow well


Wedze communication team, made up of skiing and snowboarding enthusiasts

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