CT - How should I store my gear at the end of the winter season?

How should i store my gear at the end of the winter season?

To preserve the gliding qualities of your skis and snowboards, it is important to store them properly at the end of the season. Discover all our tips for taking care of your equipment.

Looking after your snowboard - wax

1/ Protect the base of your skis or snowboard

We advise you to protect your bases at the end of the season to preserve the gliding properties of your skis or snowboard.

Leaving a slightly thick layer of wax will nourish the base of your skis and snowboard before storing themaway.

Did you know?

Pure gliders have the base of their skis or snowboard redone at the end of the season to keep them flat, to eliminate scratches and to have a clean structure...Then, they apply a thick layer of base wax that they do not scrape off (which gives a protective layer to the base) and then they store away their equipment in a temperate and dry place, protected from light.

If you have left a protective layer of wax on at the end of the season, do not forget to scrape the bases before the first outing to get the best possible. 

storing my gear at the end of the season - bindings

2/ Look after your ski bindings

For ski bindings: raise and loosen the bindings to preserve « the spring ».

- Raise: raise the heel in the same way as when putting your bindings on.

- Loosen: with a flat screwdriver, loosen the "force" of the bindings to put as little pressure as possible on the spring.Just turn the screw on the toe part as well as on the heel part of the binding.The trick is to write down your setting before doing it so that you can reset it the same at the start of the next season.

For snowboard bindings: fold up the spoiler and close the buckles over it. This will allow your straps to retain their shape and prevent damage to the spoiler during storage. The bindings will also take up less space with the spoiler down.

storing my gear at the end of the season - protective covers

3/ Store your equipment in a dry place

When storing your skis or snowboard, be careful not to lay them flat on gravel or vertically on a plastered wall.Also avoid storing your ski equipment on your balcony or terrace, and even less in direct sunlight as this will dry out the base and the top surface of your skis or snowboard may crack.

Store your equipment in a dry place to avoid any traces of rust.So, try to avoid the garden shed.If possible, choose a room inside the house such as your garage or cellar if it is not humid.

Ideally, we advise you to store your equipment in a protective cover, vertically (if you do not have ski straps, it is preferable not to hang them together but rather to place them one next to the other).

You now know all the tips for tidying up and storing your ski or snowboard equipment! You just have to wait now before you can get back out there to enjoy the slopes.

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How should I store my gear at the end of the winter season?

James de saint julien

Ski equipment product manager

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