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Advice guide:
practise safely off-piste

Off-piste offers a great playground for powder lovers looking for adventure.
Safety is also part of the rules of the game.

Powder, untouched slopes and landscapes to take your breath away... All the ingredients come together off piste combining big thrills and a feeling of freedom!
Are you sufficiently prepared to enjoy the experience in safety?

Safety off-piste

Safety off-piste

Going down slopes that are still untouched and leaving your first track... A unique pleasure that regulars of off-piste are familiar with! Freeriding means freedom and adrenaline guaranteed! Operating outside marked terrain also means mastering the safety rules. Being equipped to protect yourself or provide help lets you enjoy the adventure with peace of mind.

how to be trained in off-piste safety

How to be trained in off-piste safety

Safety is an essential point to ski off the beaten track. Even the most seasoned mountain-goer can be surprised by an avalanche. How do you protect yourself, alert the rescue services and help? Check out our practical advice to prepare yourself before considering an off-piste adventure.


Know how to rescue someone in case of an avalanche

Off-piste is an adventure! A certain knowledge of the weather, the state of the snowpack and a previously thought-out route is essential. Knowing how to protect yourself and rescue someone are two other skills to develop as well. Check out our explanatory video to help in the event of an avalanche.

Get kitted out for off-piste

Off-piste safety training is important, but the choice of equipment when skiing outside ski areas is also important. In addition to the safety trio (AVD, shovel, probe), you need equipment adapted to your planned outing. Type and amount of snow are considerations to take into account when preparing for a mountain outing.