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How do you adjust your ski helmet properly?

To ski safely, it is important to systematically wear a ski helmet and adjust it to your head properly. Wearing your ski helmet correctly is essential and allows young and old alike to approach downhill skiing safely.

Here is the list of different points to respect to wear your ski helmet effectively:

  • How to adjust your ski helmet properly - tightening wheel

    The tightening wheel

    First of all, it is important that your helmet is stable, like a second skin it must follow the movements of your head without hindering you. It must neither fall over the forehead nor down the nape of the neck. The tightening system should simply prevent the helmet from moving, without compressing you!

    For most of our helmets, it is the tightening wheel located at the back of the helmet which provides this support.

  • How to adjust your ski helmet properly - chin strap

    The tightening of the chin strap

    Adjust the strap of your helmet well to ensure that the helmet stays in place even in the event of a fall or impact. You should be able to put your finger between the strap and your chin. Be sure to keep it under the chin, especially for children as they tend to bring it up on to the chin or on to the mouth.  

Did you know?

All Wedze helmets and masks are designed to be worn together to avoid the cold on the forehead when skiing. The curve of the helmet comes to match that of the mask, the design has been studied together to make your experience more pleasant. We advise you when purchasing a new mask to always bring your helmet along to check the compatibility of the two.

Important: On some helmets the liner (the foam inside the helmet) is removable for easy washing . It must therefore be imperatively present when skiing to guarantee optimal comfort and support!

By respecting these two adjustment points, your helmet will effectively protect you during your days on the slopes. Remember to be careful and respect basic safety rules on the ski slopes. Have a great day skiing!

How to adjust your ski helmet


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