How to wax a snowboard

How to wax a snowboard

Have you recently bought a new snowboard, or have you already been using your snowboard for a few seasons and need to wax it? We explain when and how to wax your snowboard.

Waxing a snowboard is not something you can do on the fly. We give you all our secrets on how and when to properly wax your snowboard.


Have you been using your snowboard for one or two seasons and have lost some of the feeling of sliding? Or have you just bought a new or used board? To get the most out of your snowboard, you will have to have it waxed or wax it yourself.

How to wax a snowboard

And what is wax and why wax a snowboard?

Waxing is adding a layer of wax to the base of your board.  The wax will ensure that your snowboard glides smoothly.

Waxing is adding a layer of wax to the base of your board.  

The wax will ensure that your snowboard glides smoothly. It also improves the handling of the board and creates a protective layer on the sole of the board. Waxing also protects the edges of the snowboard, limiting their contact with moisture.

When should you have your snowboard waxed (or waxed yourself)?

Snowboard (or ski) waxing must be done regularly. But once I've said that, you're not much further ahead.
In fact, you have to trust your feelings: if you find that your snowboard doesn't glide like it used to, it's time to check its sole to make sure it's not damaged. If there are no particular defects, it is time to apply a small layer of wax.

If when you look at your sole it looks bleached and dry, it is in GREAT need of a waxing! Honestly, you're even a little late, but nothing is irredeemable.

Some riders like to do it at the beginning of the season to get the most out of it without having to worry about it. Others do it at the end of the season to protect the base and edges when the snowboard is not in use.


Good waxing takes relatively little time if you have the right equipment. As is often the case in DIY, it is the preparation that takes the longest!


➡️ A rag
➡️ Wax
(for hot waxing)
➡️ A waxing iron
➡️ A stable table to rest the snowboard on
➡️ A wax scraper
➡️ A brush

If your snowboard has already been waxed, you'll also need wax remover, to remove any wax residue before reapplying.

If you do not have a waxing iron, you can use an old iron.
⚠️ But be careful, once it has been used to melt the wax, it cannot be used for anything else. On the other hand, old irons may be too hot, so they should be reserved for experienced handymen.

All the equipment for waxing a snowboard
(or skis) can be bought in a sports shop. Kits with all the necessary accessories are available. Make your life easier!
Share the costs with your fellow riders and organise waxing parties, it's more motivating and you will surely find a good soul to guide you the first time.

How to wax a snowboard

prepare your snowboard for waxing

If your snowboard is new, a wipe down of the base from the nose to the tail will suffice.

If you are rewaxing a board, you should take the time to clean the sole with the scraper and brush. If this is not enough to remove all the wax, the wax remover will help.

Whatever you do, always work in the direction of the glide!

waxing your snowboard

Here we talk about hot waxing. If you use cold wax (liquid or stick) you can skip this part. Hot waxing is recommended for a result that lasts all season.

👉 Start by heating the waxing iron. It must be on low heat so that it can be passed over the sole of the snowboard without damaging it and so that the wax melts without burning it.

👉 Run the waxing iron over the sole in the direction of travel to make it porous, making it easier to absorb the wax.

👉 It is time to melt the wax on the sole, drop by drop.
The sole will absorb some wax, but it is better to go easy on the dose.

👉 Then use the iron to iron the sole (in the direction of the glide! Well done!) in a movement that is as smooth as possible. This way you spread the wax and ensure that it is evenly distributed over the entire sole.

👉 Now you can rest for a few hours! And let your snowboard cool to room temperature (not too hot, otherwise the wax will never set).

👉 When the snowboard and wax have cooled down, you can scrape off the excess wax with the wax scraper.

👉 Brush the sole (always in the direction of travel) with the nylon brush (or horsehair if you are really super chic). You remove any wax residue and create small grooves in the fresh wax, which further optimizes the glide of the board.

⚠️ Please note: fresh waxing may be sticky! And quickly, it starts to slide all of a sudden, and then boom! it slides all the way. So be ready when you go to put on your snowboard for the first run (or runs) after waxing.

  • How to wax a snowboard

    melt the wax and apply to the base

  • How to wax a snowboard

    iron the sole

  • How to wax a snowboard

    scrape with a wax scraper

  • How to wax a snowboard

    brush the sole

How to wax a snowboard

should you wax a new snowboard?

The answer is YES! 
It protects the sole of the snowboard from the very first descents. And a well protected sole will last longer in good condition! But if you are still in doubt, ask for advice in the Decathlon shop where you will buy your snowboard! Keep in mind that waxing is part of the maintenance of a board and remember to do it (or have it done) from time to time.

You should now know how to wax your snowboard. Don't hesitate to ask your Decathlon salesperson for advice before you start. If reading this article has exhausted you, you can contact the shop and book a time to have your snow waxed!


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