How to store and travel your cross-country skiing equipment

How to travel with your cross-country skiing equipment

Have you planned to go exploring the cross-country slopes and are wondering how to transport all your equipment?
Look no further! We will explain how to best organise your equipment and transport it easily.

Prepare to travel with your cross-country skiing equipment so you can enjoy gliding on slopes all over the world.
And yes, you could rent equipment on site however the pleasure of setting off with your equipment is unrivalled, especially if you are going to legendary runs.
If you are leaving for a race then there is no question: you will need well maintained equipment that you can control at your fingertips.

Whether you are leaving by car, bus, train or even plane, here are our 3 tips for travelling with your cross-country skiing equipment:
1: prepare - 2: protect - 3: transport


1 - Prepare your equipment

Before departure, a quick bit of maintenance of your cross-country skis is required.
At a minimum, check that your skis are completely dry before putting them in their case.
If you happen to be leaving on a trip for a few days then a quick wax refresh would be useful.
If you want to give your skis a complete service before departure then go ahead and read our article.

How to travel with your cross-country skiing equipment

2 - Protect your cross-country skiing equipment

Are you worried that your soft cross-country ski carry bag won’t protect your skis enough on a long journey?
Especially if you are taking a plane, your skis and poles will travel in the hold and will need additional protection. You can opt for:

Padded and rigid ski covers are available that protect your equipment during plane trips for example, without them being damaged.
Skis and poles can be stored as well as waxing equipment which is extremely practical during your trips.

Cross-country ski pole covers are also available and extremely practical for transporting and protecting your cross-country ski poles. There are different models on the market: rigid, telescopic, adjustable, carry by hand or shoulder strap.

How to travel with your cross-country skiing equipment

Additional advice

The telescopic cover for cross-country ski poles can be attached easily on your cross-country skis carry bag.
So you only have one big bag which makes life easier on transport and saves you the cost of an extra item of luggage!

3 - Travelling with your
cross-country skiing equipment

Transporting your skis, poles and boots can be a real pain, especially your cross-country skis which can be up to 2.10 metres.
Even if you're not taking the plane, carrying them on any means of transport can be a little difficult so here are some tips to help you:

It’s completely possible to travel by train with your cross-country skis. SNCF railways does not generally charge for transporting skis on its trains and each passenger can only travel with one pair of skis. However, please check this information when reserving your tickets as conditions can change depending on the trains. For example, some trains such as the TGV Ouigo charge for extra or oversized baggage however it is cheaper to choose this option directly at the time of ticket reservation.
If travelling with your cross-country skiing equipment by train worries you then SNCF railways in France offers a paid baggage delivery service.

As with travelling by train there is generally no supplement for skis.
However, you’ll be glad to put them in the baggage hold first so arrive a little earlier at the bus terminal.

If you’re travelling alone or with one other and your car has a ski hatch then you can easily transport your cross-country ski equipment. However, a protective cover would be useful to stop everything moving around in the car and damaging your skis.
If more of you are travelling and you need to take passengers in the back then transporting skis inside won’t work unless you have rented a minibus. You will therefore need to buy or rent a roof box. If you are renting a car, remember to state the minimum size you will need. Note the size of your skis and arrange a slightly larger box.

Taking the plane to get you to your holiday destination? After regular check-in, go to the special baggage check-in counter. Depending on the company you are travelling with, you may have one special baggage item includes in the ticket price. However, if you are travelling with a low cost company then it's likely you will have to pay extra. Just like Ouigo, if you cover your special baggage online then it should cost less. That’s why it's interesting to compare the total price between companies before buying your ticket as low cost may not be the cheapest option for you!
You should also pay attention to the baggage weight limit before you go and fill the ski carry cover :).

On public transport don't forget that your baggage must have a visible label with surname and first name of the traveller and a protective cover.
You have all the necessary info for travelling easily with your cross-country skiing equipment.
If you have tips or advice on transporting your cross-country skis, don't hesitate to share them in the comments.

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